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Rain Jul 2020
It pains me to know that you are sad
Realizing I am the cause of your fatigue
The reason you wish to cry out loud
Tears my heart into pieces
How I wish I could put you back together
Perfectly mould you to be free of any ache or pain
Make sure that not a soul can hurt you
Ever again
Rain Jul 2020
Maybe you did not get over it at all
It could be that you no longer get enraged
By the same things over and over again
What used to cause you all that ache and pain
Finally began to be tamed
In a way, it made the hurt quiet down
The words that used to be so harsh and unbearable
That could sting with so much spasm
Cause you no more irritation
I'd like to know what magic you performed
How you got rid of all the soreness
How you managed to build yourself back up
and be  whole again, get to live painlessly
Share your secret of self - healing with me
Show me the light at the end of the tunnel
Rain Jul 2020
Most days I want to scribble
All that's on my mind - on paper inscribe
Something holds me back
Stops me dead in my tracks
I am afraid of what I may jot down
I am scared in my words I may drown
This feeling I can't clearly describe
I have never felt this feeble
My own thoughts I am unable to transcribe
I am terrified - what if my mind goes blank

— The End —