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 Jun 2019 Jonathan Moya
The beginning and the end
A line we can draw
A place we can stand
In change we reign
Change defined and placed in time
Without the beginning this ends
But when we begin a thing
The end is certain
Built in
So this is the illusion
They will say
And they may be right
But consider if you lived a life
On another side
And discovered this place
So beautiful and tragic
This mathematically balanced dualistic flickering
Lost in a delusion of reason

There is no other place
You are always here
Right now
On this line where a beginning
Determines an end
We live forever
This place where nothing is

tl;dr ...Change doesn't exist but it is the only thing there is
Haven't been on here as much as I'd like to the last couple of weeks but was inspired to take a few minutes (I'm supposed to be getting ready for a gig right now) and write something this afternoon. GF moved in this week and watching the beginning and ends that occur during these times for everyone involved. Special thanks to Darrell Landstrom and Star BG...their creativity always inspires me.

— The End —