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Jon Moss Apr 2020
Escape the machine, destruction obscene
Run to the arms, of jack in the green
Escape from violence, destruction and woe
To a place of beauty, music and flow

A place for all, all who know
That caring and sharing make good things grow
So plant new seeds, water when you can
This how to return to the arms of the green man
Jon Moss Apr 2020
Tomorrow is a new day, sun will rise and light will play
and chase away the darkness of yesterday
Dawns geomancers dancing, earth tamping , feet stamping
Beats counting, hearts measure
When ever , what ever , regardless of weather
So bring forth the four-four and head to the moor
Welcoming all, we free people raw
Ancestral call in this time sharing space
Explore with movement,  no need to compete or to race
In this place
All misfits that fit in, On our faces such joy is written
That tells us stories of how to let go, express yourself
Let divinity flow
And dance like no one is watching, and for now forget your woes
Darkness is part of life like a thorn is to a rose
And I see you, know how amazing you are
Keep reflecting that glow and blazing like a star
In case I forget to say, you should all know
All the thorns and flowers, I do love them so
Jon Moss Apr 2020
Feeling the pressure, system overload, building up about to explode
Before it blows, let it all flow, tear down government, it's time to go
It's the end of the line, off the tracks derailing, fares are too high, business failing
Robbed the people too much, put the coffin nail in, They are not great just robbers, **** taking nobbers
Protected by law, backed by coppers, tax and religion fills the coffers
Media generates hate, a TV brain wash ,fascist thugs are on the streets, get on our feet and squash
All ideologies that are twisted in the brain, we need to stop it now it's a runaway train
Feeling the pressure, system overload building up about to explode,
before it blows let it all flow and tear down government it's time to go
They sold of the housing, they sold off industry, they want to sell the NHS that saved me
I owe it my life, solidarity, to all abused by so called authority
With polices that **** people with disability, Spreading war and demonizing refugees
Whilst smugly smirking as mates dodge tax, men with money, scratch each others backs
They think that they can get away Scott free, making deals that affect you and me
And many would like to see them swing from a tree, for their type its the end of the line
It's the end of the line, reached the final destination, time to close this corrupt station
Had enough of fear and frustration, zero tolerance for a fascist nation
Jon Moss Apr 2020
The ****** handed, directors of war, surgical precision fascist bone saws
They set up the stage , put up the walls, sold us a story subjugate the poor
If you deviate from the script, they say its depression, go and swallow the pill from the medical profession
Lobotomised the nation, repression of expression, robots playing parts in the theater of oppression
The theater of oppression is a great deception, using smoke and mirrors, classic misdirection
If you don't want to play that game organize protection, to stop you falling into systems of oppression
You don't have to follow a lead, you could improvise,
sharing skills with others, improve all our lives
A carnival of connections where everyone can thrive, why stay chained on the ground when together we could rise
So to the misfits, rebels and the freaks do not be scared to get out there and greet,
Perform the oppression to people that you meet, as any journey starts by standing on our feet
And do not be scared of ridicule, don't you let people put you down
We are living in a circus, so bring on the ******* clowns.

— The End —