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Juan Jan 12
I despise death’s taste
On the roof of my mouth.
Juan Jan 12
At dawn our moans,
Are but melodies
To finish good nature
Our sweetened end;

We'll live possessed
By improvisation
Of melodic contractions,
Whence our bodies
Juan Jan 11
My valiant voice
Speaks verses in vain
Vacillating but violent
Voraciously expands

The vibrant sounds
Embark in a voyage
Which leaves it vulnerable
Then, victoriousless, it dies
Juan Jan 8
I can picture pumpkin rain
Falling from October’s sky
Even wisemen dare to try
Reason’s gambrels to enchain

When this pulp falls on the leaves
And by liters floods the streets
We shall dance under these drops
While we sing grotesque swift songs

I can picture pumpkin rain
Falling from October’s sky
We no longer can remain
Juan Jan 8
Tragic corpses,
Memories of yore,
Withered float
Upon swelled brine;

Limbs regress
By night to my shore
And by morn
Few ribbons of flesh

Far many of them
(Which shalt never take place)
Stranded last night
Idle, lapsed and inert

Now cometh recollecting
The scraps of this gore
Take sail to high seas
With a mast and the winds.

— The End —