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 Jan 2016 JM
Got Guanxi
 Jan 2016 JM
Got Guanxi
Carpet burns,
Multicoloured neck in a beautiful bruise,
Red raw knees,
My beautiful muse.
Caught up in your eyes,
The war is over.
Not about the price oil anymore,
Just baby oil all over your body and floor,
As we slip inside the eyes of our minds,
Sweat drips in couplets.
Shower time,
Your body sublime,
entwined in the fuckeries,
You been ducking me lately,
And I seen you in day dreams,
 Sep 2015 JM
you asked me to join you
back to the world that was once a part of us
   so, so long ago
for you're still frequenting the same stops
   visiting the same people
sharing the same stories
     the same
     always the same
you don't seem to realize
   or to accept
i'd grown tired of the same
   bored with the predictable
     sick of you
because you're stuck with the same
   and you're happy with that

but me, now
   i'm different.
 May 2015 JM
The Good Pussy
                            h    ha    h
                          a      me     a
                         m      le        m
                         e     o     n      e
                          l     C     h       l
                           e    a   m     e
                            o    e   o     o
                               n   n    n
 May 2015 JM
The Good Pussy
                             o   om   o
                           m    p l      m
                          p      e x        p
                         l          C           l
                         e       o   m       e
                          x      p    l       x
                           C     e   x      C
                               o    C    o
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