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Joanna Eliades Nov 2018
Once around the merry go round
Probably you’ll survive
One more time for fun and games
You’re chances are cut in half

Again, again faster and faster
You’ve already lost the prize
Time falls away lost in array
Merrily made you cry

Once around the merry go round
Probably passed you by
Once more you hit the floor
Chances are you’ll die
Joanna Eliades Oct 2018
Happy new year
Whatever that means
A day hasn't changed
yesterday's dreams
Joanna Eliades Oct 2018
Chinese greens
Some salt and pepper Beans
Noodles with beansprouts please
Never rice with a Chinese

Crispy chilli beef
Sweet and Sticky on my teeth
Chicken on a stick
Don't forget the sauce with a kick

I'll pick it up
So it's crispy and hot
Can you add it up
So I know what's what
Joanna Eliades Oct 2018
A beautiful moment


A perfect little package

Waiting for your eyes
Joanna Eliades Oct 2018
Lovely little lies
Are never ever wise
Honesty I honour thee!
Joanna Eliades Oct 2018
The way you stick out your tongue when you concentrate
The way our bodies fit so perfectly
Watching match of the day on a sat night
Knowing all of your songs and playing them endlessly
Watching our son become the best parts of you and me
Telling you my dreams before they are lost to me
Watching scify movies
Battling egos
One day you'll see
You and me
Fit perfectly
Joanna Eliades Oct 2018
..............I want to be Guinevere, I want Lancelot, I want a magician and a pack of wolves. I want a wardrobe and a door and a trip to the moon......
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