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Inside the building
when a fire alarm vibrantly rings our earlobes,
many hurriedly descend their pathways to the remaining pieces of life -
But some disclose the past secrets embedded in the drawers

When the eyes of sin and guilt meet,
the growling guilt of a discloser
will chase after the witness,
neglecting the harmonious threads of camaraderie in the past

The disclosure of an enclosure that
leads to
the enclosure of a disclosure -
Isn’t this an infinite messy cycle of unending labyrinth?

So let time slip by,

until the emergency stairs transition into the rustic ones,
until the orange gleaming light radiates nearby
as if the surrounding is enlightened until
the sun is our longest, forever companion

Hopefully then, the spirit will naturally release itself
from the enclosure
a kind of release sailing through
the glossy rays of sunlight -
JaegukLee Aug 23
It buries him undead,
inside the hollow a painful voice howls in silence
yearning for a change in this actuality,
rhythmic chord of his breathe now comes to a halt -
as the surrounding darkness swallows
his light of vision to appease its hunger.
A man yet lives, undead.

It stabs and bleeds him undead,
a ruthless knife that continuously spikes through the heart  
is what it calls mercy.
Tranquil as the tides of the night river,
while the flood of his blood gushes out from the heart
life simply stays as life.
A man yet somehow lives on -

It burns him undead
Inundated by the scorching fire that engulfs from the bottom,
he writhes and writhes in agony;
the tears of sorrow abruptly evaporate in the face of the
grandeur dimensions of suffering,
there is no room for any emotion except the burning pain
A man yet somehow lives,

That Life has become Death,
is this the Burden of Suffering?
He remains unsure,
but continues to live on,
JaegukLee Aug 12
Did the wild devouring nature of chimerical universe
blow away and blot the 'kindling' lights of stout candles
in your wholehearted grip?
The candles once guided you from
the stiff tunnels of blindness
To the upright oak tree standing on the apex of a verdant meadow,
brimming with flowery flowers under
the shades of orange glittering sunlight waving through the scene -
But the candles are now wrecked into pieces
Like the rotting shipwreck debris floating in between
the two laying pitch-black mirrors of nighttime sky and
titanic ocean
Not a trace of starlight and moonlight to be seen

Standing alone
Looking at the universe above,
you ask yourself
Where do i go?

A complete lostness in direction ripples through the mortal body
A broken compass without a magnetic needle
You breathe,
for the possible breeze  
But an exhalation without the noise of inhalation cruises through
And this alien irony of gale now provokes
a silent flood that has been hibernating
to swell like a maya balloon, even greater than Noah’s
The inverted tree of life within your chest
slowly submerges,
and submerges
into the horizontal mist of void
The remains of flickering redness in the blood
transmute into the streams of mourning tear

Standing alone
Looking at the universe above,
you ask yourself
Where do i go

Where do i go
JaegukLee May 3
The melody that earphone sings,
momentarily interrupts me
from the surging flow of life -

It releases me from
the supressing weight of burden,
softly whispers and convinces me
to become part of the wave than to chase it.

The shaking tides of a spirit
the dance of a child.

Today, Tomorrow and on
I am looking forward to become
a part of the voice.
JaegukLee Oct 2018
Can I love you forever and ever?

I want time to be endless with you.

Whenever I glance at you,
Time is the greatest enemy in my life.

With you, I am no more I.

I am simply you.
JaegukLee Aug 2018
Have you ever felt
you loved someone that
you hated the person?

Have you ever felt
you knew everything that
you knew nothing?

Have you ever felt
the overwhelming happiness and grace that
you manifested signs of sadness?

Have you ever felt
the burning heart inside
though you are soaked outside?

Feeling feelings,
i do not fully understand
what they are
but they color the blank sheet of life –

— The End —