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J M Baker Jun 2015
To the woman who should be .

I know it won't be alright.
Maybe not this time.
Maybe not the next.
Maybe not in the next 10 years.
And maybe, just maybe not in my lifetime. Probably.
It's the things that I have done and that I did so recklessly that were the seal of fate.
The red wax on the envelope.

But to the woman who should be

Please just be happy.
J M Baker Jun 2015
I don't care to admit what I am about to disclose to you, but I long for you every day.
J M Baker Jun 2015
They are, they are, yes! They are!

It had died the moment it's vein was cut from the lifeline of the tree.
J M Baker Jun 2015
Maybe some of you will be lucky enough..
Luck might not be the word,
allow me to rephrase.
Perhaps some of you will not have the opportunity to have felt the way I have.
I have seen pristine beauty.
I have seen uncontrollable lust.
I have seen love,
not just love.
  Mutual love.

Then from the opposite end of the spectrum..
I have seen utter jealousy.
I have seen shear outrage and anger.
and the deepest of all..

Let us not get too far ahead of ourselves.
You must see the trigger of all of this,
the catalyst if you will.
All the way to the summit
Into the trenches we will go.

the coaster your boarding should be fun..
J M Baker Jan 2015
When the wind blows I think that maybe you're back.

The memory stained planks of our stoop creek and I imagine your bare feet wandering across them to the door once more.

Such a beautifully teasing melody.

Your familiar voice brings the delicate hair on my neck and arms to attention, my pulse heavily increasing.

It's louder now.

My heart wakes me,
and for a split second
I felt as if the flesh of mine was pressed and conformed to the perfect contour of your body.

the leather of the couch you've left behind as a reminder
moulds itself to the shape of my being.

Cocooned in a cold sweat,
the leather does not breath.
Does not beat for me.
Does not mind if I remain in this nightmare.

In this instance I am plunged into what seems like the depths of the arctic.

J M Baker Nov 2014
Blue eyes, dark brown crazy hair.
Her beauty, breathtaking...
It was summer.

We drove through orchards of pear. Apple.
Driving, to where?
No clue.
What mattered was that day,
this was the perfect day.

The sun burnt as it fell behind the hills,
Staining the clouds with vermillion.  

We're walking along a small wooden fence. Hands brushing fruit as it hangs teasingly, biting into a crisp sweet apple.
We didn't talk,
we knew what was ahead.

More and more people began to show, all wandering towards the alluring sound. Anticipation filled the senses, it was paralyzing.

A cool breeze sparked, gently swooning the orchards. I reached up, gripping the skin of a slightly bruised pear, at that time I saw her over my shoulder.

I froze.
Found this in an old notebook, it was part of a dream I had, summer 2010.
  Oct 2014 J M Baker
Jolene D'Souza
One fine morning
on my way to work
I met a real dinosaur
in big boots and a mischievous smirk

I’m kinda lonely he said
just visiting this town
I don’t have any friends
and thats bringing me kinda down

He looked kinda sad
with his tiny Dino eyes
I’d have to call in late
and explain it to the office guys

First we went out for ice cream
then we played a video game
He cracked a lot of dinosaur jokes
which were all kinda lame

When he would laugh
his mouth would open wide
Which sorta kinda scared me
and made me want to hide

His Dino tail would wiggle
and his laces would always come loose
It was funny trying to watch him
tie up his dinosaur shoes

Then we went to Iceland
and all the rides were cool
It was really spectacular seeing a dinosaur
floating in the swimming pool

Then we were really hungry
and we went out to dine
He scared all the waiters and waitresses
and drank up all the wine

I climbed up on his back
and he went for a run
Omigosh this day was perfect
I was having so much fun

Everywhere we walked
people screamed and ran
at the big stomping dinosaur
causing all the traffic jams

If only they would listen
If only they could see
Mr. Dinosaur is just a nice guy
just like you and me

Our perfect day was over
Dino had to go back home
probably back to Jurassic Park
and left me here alone

Next morning at work was a ******
such a tiresome bore
I just wanted to leave the office
and run out the office door

When the clock stuck five
I finally decided to leave
I left my dull office
and Lo & behold I just could not believe

Standing before me
in front of my very eyes
stood my dinosaur buddy
what a nice surprise!

We talked and talked for hours
even after dark
and when the day was over
I decided to move in to Jurassic Park

Now we’re never lonely
Dinosaur and me
Dinosaur has a friend
and I have family
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