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May 23 · 116
New Dawn
JDK May 23
At the end of the day,
it's not my own end that I contemplate.

Those thoughts are so yesterday.

My situation has changed. The world has changed. People are changing. My outlook can change too.

At the end of the day,
I think about tomorrow,
and how I can begin something new.
It's not too late
May 6 · 81
Reality Shows
JDK May 6
Some people are beautifully abstract movies:
enlightened visions of an idea come to life through cryptic scripting and inspired cinematography.
Slow burns full of brilliant dialogue that leave you thinking about them long after you've seen their open endings.
The kind that only the intelligentsia could ever truly appreciate, with a poor audience score but universally loved by critics.
The kind of movie with a cult following that comes up in late night conversations amongst hipsters sharing their opinions on the pieces of art that have made the biggest, longest lasting impacts on them.
The kind that takes hours of scrutiny and analyzation just to feel like you've arrived at some vague sense of what it all means.

And then there are people like me,
who are less like grand artistic visions of profound cinematography,
and more like reality tv.

The kind of thing a working suburban mother tunes into after a double at the local diner/supermarket/pharmacy counter.

The kind of non-committal, light-hearted viewing that never comes close to demanding your full attention. Just a myriad of characters brought together with a loose premise and slightly coerced tension.

The kind of thing you could have a conversation over, and walk away from and come back to, and still know what's going on, because it's just all so obvious - it never requires much thought.

The kind of show where the actors have every viewer convinced that they're something that they're not.
May 6 · 387
JDK May 6
Love is a fiction being written in the moment and read in the past,
and it only lasts for as long as both parties involved believe it to be true.
Which, unfortunately for me, wasn't very long for you.
May 4 · 57
Round Midnight
JDK May 4
Sand sticks to me and you, like little pieces of memories we can't be certain of ever being true.

Like something half-remembered from a dream.
The way your body glows in the sunlight reminds me of a dream I once had of you.
The way our bodies press against each other while the waves wash away the fragments of what we've tried to forget for so long,
it's just like a scene from a dream I haven't dreamt of in so long.

Back on the shore, we're drinking beer and rehashing the past.
Reliving things we swore we'd never think about anymore.
The kinds of things that never last but show up unexpectedly at our door,
right around midnight.

One last moor before this ship sails for foreign harbors.
One last meal before we shed our shells.
One last dance with the ghosts of our former selves before we drown forever beneath the swell of the ocean.

The distant waves beat down on the beach like the dreaded mundanity of tomorrow's realities.

The moon's glow slowly steals the spaces where the sun once shone down.

The persistent ocean eats away at the land until it's all gone.

Maybe it was never even there at all.
Apr 10 · 206
In Theory
JDK Apr 10
He doesn't feel real.
He doesn't think that the things in his life that are real should be that way.
He wastes his time away wondering about ambiguous things;
a different way of living life that could,
in theory,
lead to happiness.
I spent 45 minutes trying to convince him otherwise. The whole time, I had serious doubts about my own advice.
Apr 8 · 68
JDK Apr 8
They're meeting in laundromats.
They're meeting in bars.
They're meeting at stop signs, grocery stores and parks.

They're meeting at that new hipster restaurant downtown
(I've read that their noodles are to die for.)

It's happening all the time,
all around the world,
right where you live and everywhere beyond.

Young hearts intertwine at the drop of a dime.

Lonely hearts march on.
"This guy right here, this guy f***s!"
Apr 3 · 180
Blanking the Slate
JDK Apr 3
. . .
Never underestimate the power of a ritual
Apr 3 · 69
Good Friday
JDK Apr 3
While embarrassingly unprepared for it, the forces that be occasionally sweep me up in their infinite mystery,
like a reddening leaf freed from a tree by a sudden gale.

To float through the air of a seasonal gasp that ends too soon,
only to land in a stream that flows too quickly for me to catch my bearings.
The tale they tell of it will never do for the real thing.

It's such a rare and unforeseen breeze that ever brings me nearer to you.

How I wish that it would blow more often.
Mar 27 · 1.4k
JDK Mar 27
This isn't a romance.
It's hardly even a friendship.
Why are you showing me this?
Mar 22 · 53
JDK Mar 22
This is no place to find the answers.
The answers are hidden somewhere inside of us.

This is just a desert of people digging for them.
Keep your sand out of my hole, ******* you.
JDK Mar 21
When they say vulnerability is ****,
I always feel awkward about wanting to argue the contrary.

I tell people I'm a hipster before I'll ever admit to being a poet.
Seems like a less pretentious compromise.

I can handle being disliked for my personality-type better than being loathed for my hobbies.

Self-centered hedonism is a good defense mechanism against social awkwardness.

The people who are always so adamant about not giving a **** always trip me up.

If you really didn't, why are you trying so hard to project that narrative?

The people who really don't give a **** are so preoccupied with escapism to even recognize the social consequences.

Those are my people.
That's a lie. My people are the ones watching it all go down, only to spew out scattered thoughts about it later that night.
Mar 13 · 79
Inked In
JDK Mar 13
My brain is awash in budding friendships and cephalopods.

I think at this point it's safe to assume that all of my favorite ones are those who develope intelligence on their own, spineless or not.
Less of a social impetus than one of sheer simple survival.
An adaptation to life-threatening and serious impacts.

And the awkwardness invariably involved tends to tickle me various colors.
And the people who judge might as well be a den full of sharks, bodies going taught at the sense of fresh blood.

They can all **** right off.

I'm not the one to see how you'd warn them off. I'm more interested in seeing how you'd react to fun.

What would happen if one of your many limbs reached out towards one of mine?

Would our color-changes clash,
or would they match?
Would we play off each other until a new spawn was hatched?

It took millions of years for us to find the courage to leave our shells.
Now we're out here constantly shifting/adjusting/conforming by ourselves.

Would it really be so crazy for us to occasionally help each other out?
Spirit animal: octopus
Mar 10 · 72
Precious Things
JDK Mar 10
I find myself longing for something I used to be able to do when I was half my age. Something that now seems way more complicated than it used to be.

I miss lying on the floor of a dark bedroom, staring up at the ceiling while listening to songs on vinyl.

Such a simple recipe,
one would think it'd be pretty simple to recreate,
but they'd be mistaken.

I miss lying on the carpeted floor of my best friend's bedroom, listening to beautiful songs while watching her ceiling fan spin slow circles in the dark.

Sometimes, we don't realize how rare certain ingredients are until we find ourselves without them. Something that used to seem so abundant, so easily accessible - now gone. Long gone.

I miss lying on the carpet next to the one I thought I was in love with, the tips of our heads nearly touching, feeling tempted to just move my hand over ever so slightly to grasp hers, while listening to her records in the dark.

Such simple things that used to seem so close.
Now, so far away.
"What if I thought these next thoughts real loudly, would she be able to hear what I was thinking?"
- 16-year-old me
Mar 2 · 71
Poetic Ad Libs
JDK Mar 2
1. Verb
2. Adverb (must end in "ly")
3. Adjective
4. Noun
Most things in life (1.)_______ me,
which is why I've always endeavored to live life (2.)________.
Although, lately, I've been feeling a bit more (3.)________.
And though it may sound strange,
it all turns out the same when you're just a (4.)_________ like me.
Mar 1 · 43
JDK Mar 1
A day full of retail therapy
punctuated by anti-capitalism posts on facebook propogated by a person I've known since kindergarten.

Life can be funny in a way that doesn't make you laugh,
but at least it tries.
Isn't that enough?

I got mean-mugged by a stranger's bulldog through a window-front while folding my laundry on top of a surfboard that'd been repurposed as a table.

Purposes can be rearranged.
Full moons can rise over days that were strange, only to turn them into stranger nights.
But the strange can make things interesting sometimes.
That's got to count for something, right?

First day off after a month and a half of long days at sea.
I blew off every single plan I'd half-heartedly committed to on the smoke deck without feeling the least bit guilty.

Feelings can be unfriendly sometimes.
Sometimes you just have to choose "Me."
When I was in 3rd grade, my girlfriend from 2nd grade threatened to throw herself off of the tallest point of the tallest jungle gym after she'd found out that I'd gotten a new girlfriend. Unless I professed my undying love to her and only her, she was going to do it, she was going to jump. So I did, but only to spare her "life." You see, I didn't actually mean it. It wasn't until later in that week when I'd heard the song "You Gotta Be" by Des'ree while on the way to a restaurant in the family car that I actually decided to live up to the commitment I'd already made. I resolved to break up with my new girlfriend the next day, but she beat me to the punch. She broke up with me first, right before we lined up for lunch.

As I sat there eating alone, perhaps I'd thought to myself something along the lines of, "life is funny sometimes in a way that doesn't make you laugh."

Or perhaps not. But it's a story, right?
And stories shouldn't end before they're finished.

I want to see the rest of yours.
Jan 13 · 202
JDK Jan 13
Some people are so egocentric
that you have to knock them down a peg or two before they'll be your friend.
Humble the vain for friends that stain*
JDK Jan 13
Some of us are too stubborn to acknowledge when we've got it all figured out.

Knowing what's best for you doesn't always mean you know what the next best thing to do is.

Some of us know too many words and not enough meaning,
and we get all tripped up on the semantics.

If I could, I'd stop writing stanzas that begin with ******* like,
"If I could,"
"Truth be told,"
"Truth is."

Because **** me dude.
Seriously, I'm the worst.
Maybe I'll find a random group of skater kids and ride up on them like,

"Y'all bozos want some ***** though bros?"

(There's no non-creepy way to get rid of this thing, basically, is what I'm trying to say.)
Jan 5 · 638
JDK Jan 5
Poets are sociopaths
masquerading as artists
who've convinced themselves they know how to connect to other people
while having no clue where their own heart is.
I'm just projecting my personal shortcomings onto all of you.
Dec 2020 · 87
Fill in the Blank
JDK Dec 2020
Distance makes the heart grow fonder,
and proximity can make you wonder how you ever built it up so be some kind of cure-all universal life-problem-solver.
But when reality falls short of fantasy,
that's where all of the life-lessons are found.

The majority of them seem to be along the lines of:
Ha, *******. Figure it out for yourself.
JDK Dec 2020
Truth is, I'm just a charlatan who's gotten very good at pretending like my opinions are wisdom when they're really just a bunch of after-thoughts regarding dumb decisions I've spent my whole life making.
*Accidentally on purpose. Here's one for free: that dumb thing you just did spontaneously is the farthest thing from being worthless.
JDK Dec 2020
Despite all the shade I throw at my family,
truth is,
they're alright.
I often find myself wishing they were more, you know, financially responsible, attuned to social customs, better hosts, etc.
But at the end of the day, it all comes together in such a way that makes me feel okay with life, and that is worth so much more than any of that other *******.
JDK Dec 2020
Words have their uses,
but they've been perverted to the point of being almost worthless.
Only the cool kids know where their power lies now.
Get out there and make some music.
Have you ever jammed out to a song that was in a language you didn't understand? Then you know what's up.
JDK Dec 2020
Use context clues.
"I mean, he seems alright, but I've heard he posts on a poetry website."

JDK Dec 2020
I'd rather witness one tiger deftly stalking their target than to watch two dozen of you drinking yourselves *******.
"**** the bandar-log."
-Rudyard Kipling
Dec 2020 · 50
JDK Dec 2020
Pastel houses,
carousel mouses.
Culture clashes in tourist-reliant suburban wastelands.

Toxic aftermath pouring out of performers' hands as everyone claps.

This is what I grew up in.

These streets are full of magic.
The kind that seeps from grand dreams seen to fruition.
The kind that charges tuition on the merits of your madness.
The kind where failed ambition sleeps in back alleys,
feeding off forgotten sadness.
It's been a fat minute.
Dec 2020 · 234
JDK Dec 2020
The first five days:
a whirlwind of old friends in new surroundings,
indulging in old habits with the occasional mumblings of,
"I'm proud of you man,
this is nice."

On day six, back in the stix.
Kicking it with the fams up to their same old tricks.

It's hard to say where my heart is.
I've always suffered from being adventurer-sick.

All I know is that the planets have finally aligned in such a way as
to allow me to walk down the streets I grew up on in the way that I haven't done in such a long time,
the way in which I learned all their names.
The way I grew up attempting to escape their grasp.

Now here I am, for the first time in years,
rehashing the past
and its dreams,
and its tears.
Don't get me wrong, I'm having a great time.
Dec 2020 · 68
Hope Floats
JDK Dec 2020
As do boats.
As do bodies lying in moats
surrounding castles' fortified walls.

Hope mopes.
Waiting in line at the airport to be cleared through customs,
unaware that it is itself contraband.

Hope is for dopes.
Every man is an island.

Some haven't developed proper ports yet.
Dec 2020 · 103
Brace For Shock
JDK Dec 2020
So you found yourself in over your head.
Bit off more than you could chew.
Stretched yourself a little too thin,
then what did you do?

Sent out a veiled cry-for-help to a friend,
knowing full well it was a torpedo.
Relax brace.
Dec 2020 · 70
Doubling Down
JDK Dec 2020
Sometimes all you need to admit that you're uncharacteristically cool with all of this is a bit of liquid courage and a pinch of frustrated madness swished around until you're sarcastically committing to loving the **** out of your current situation with a vague suspicion that you're not actually being ironic.
Don't mind me. I said something stupid on Facebook earlier tonight.
Dec 2020 · 86
Tiny Tim On Blast
JDK Dec 2020
Disillusioned youth all drunk on ideas of change,
passing around their ideals until we all felt the same,
or felt better about not feeling the same,
or felt normal by being surrounded by people even farther from normal than we'd ever claim to be ourselves,
or felt like we were in a safe space for the first time in our lives,
a space in which we could actually be ourselves,
or felt as if the weight of the world thrusted on our shoulders by our parents was no longer a burden we had to bear alone,
or felt sane enough for the first time in awhile to recognize how much we'd actually grown,
to have sorted out all of the ******* from the things we'd always claimed to have known.

God bless 'em, every one.

Oh, how we've grown.
Crawl, walk, run, stub your toe, limp, walk, run, trip, fall, crawl, limp, walk, run, etc.
Nov 2020 · 91
But What Do I Know?
JDK Nov 2020
Love is not dependency.
Love is not some broken-hearted teen crying,
"You were the only thing that ever completed me,"
in the middle of the street during a full moon in which all the willows weep or whatever.

Whatever love is, it's surely not that.

Love is not a scam.

Love is not crying when you could've laughed.

In fact, love is the exact opposite of that.
Three words that will never be heard by any love-sick poet:
Get over it.
Nov 2020 · 180
My Canary
JDK Nov 2020
Left to my own devices,
I go to places that aren't very nices.
But you believe in a spectrum of sorts.
One I used to live on before I blew it all to bits.
Sometimes I wonder what the incentive is;
The reason why I keep you arounded.
Times like these, I see what it means.

You're my canary.

You keep me grounded.
See, miners used to keep canaries in cages with them while they tunneled, so that if they went too deep . . . Ah ****, it loses all merit if I have to explain it.
Nov 2020 · 198
Put a Stamp on it
JDK Nov 2020
Sometimes, I feel too old and cynical to appreciate the beauty of anything anymore, and it's times like these I'm tempted to walk around at night with headphones on and listen to that one song from Blonde Redhead with the heavy piano and ah's as the only lyrics.
Something about repeating cycles, etc.
Nov 2020 · 200
JDK Nov 2020
If you know how a spell is cast,
all the magic words to incant it and such,
does it have less of an effect when it's cast on you?
Does is matter much?
Ah to be young and in love with Love instead of the actual person.
Nov 2020 · 138
JDK Nov 2020
It's being swollen by a feeling that you can't put into words,
but you try to anyway.

It's something to look back on in later days,
which is today,
a day that ends in a night in which you feel the same way.

It's a guiding arrow through the maze you've made inside your mind,
the one that in theory,
will end with you finding yourself.
Feels unfinished
Nov 2020 · 56
Au Contraire
JDK Nov 2020
Contrary to what you may be thinking,
I am not a contrairian.
I like to play Angel's Counsel to your Devil's Advocate, but not just because I've been drinking.
(Though, to be fair, I have been, but forgive me. I'm celebrating.)
Anything worth debating always has two sides.
Try seeing them both for a change before dividing the lines.
And while it may sound contradictory at times, and doesn't end in a rhyme,
just meet me in the middle, *******!
Drunk Libras ftw!
Nov 2020 · 164
JDK Nov 2020
See, the thing about talent is,
it never really dies.
Sure, it hides from time to time,
or rather, it hibernates.
Good god do I miss playing piano.
Nov 2020 · 125
Late to the Table
JDK Nov 2020
After all of the personal development has been developed,
and every epiphany has been epiphanized,
what's left?

When every version of yourself has been talked out of the driver seat, only to eventually realize that your life is the road and not the vehicle,
which exit do you then take?

What does it even matter now that you understand the stakes?

After all of those personal demons have been defeated,
(resurrected once or twice, then re-beaten,)
what comes next?

What question is left unanswered at this point?
I suppose it must be:
what are we eating?
Yea, yea, I'm that dude. I've done those things, but more importantly, I'm hungry. Let's eat.
Oct 2020 · 44
This Again
JDK Oct 2020
I used to attempt to capture in writing all of the times I never thought I'd have the time to recall later in life.
To capture a moment I thought I'd never have the opportunity to live again.
To cage a thought I thought would live wild and free for the rest of my life.
To say farewell to a moment in a way that was gracious, but final.

auf wiedersehen, dear moment.
Au revoir, sayonara, so long.

I thought I'd never see you again.
Boy, was I wrong.
Oct 2020 · 128
JDK Oct 2020
Somewhere someone I love is not thinking about me right now.
Somewhere else is where my mind lives most of the time from now on,
and I have to write this to a song I haven't listened to since the last time I lost my mind in some nowhere town,
thinking of no one I've ever loved.
I just wish the rando in the parking lot next to me would stop pacing around so much.
Oct 2020 · 47
Feeble Magic
JDK Oct 2020
It hides in the everyday now,
buried underneath.
It waits for us to pull back the veil that reveals the truth we spend the rest of our time longing for, loathing, hoping for, holding on to.  

It rides on the wings of the things we forget to say, that we only think of an hour later, or the next day.

It hides in our heads until we go to sleep then presents itself in our dreams with such pristine clarity.

It's everything you've ever wanted life to be when you feel too weak to put in the effort.

It's everything you've ever wanted life to be when you're too tired to think about how to best spend your next free hour.

It sleeps inside us all,
but we're exasperated by its power.
Written on a night when etc., etc.
JDK Oct 2020
Mysterious poet with the obscene pun as a name, what is your game?

Sensitive artist at odds with her own sense of shame, are you doing okay?

Drop me a line or remind me that sometimes a stranger can be less than strange.

I'm struggling with change.

Or just hold it down and reach out to the void of your favorite stage.

I'm willing to pay.

These days are so crazy but we're getting too lazy to process the pain.

It's only making it worse.

Gonzo girl with her absurdly relatable way of reading the world,
let's hear a new verse.
I never see new posts from my favorite poets anymore. It's disconcerting.
JDK Sep 2020
Then I'd say that there's way too many Mustangs on this godforsaken base.
and also that this evening's political debate was a ******* disgrace.
Sep 2020 · 915
Weird World
JDK Sep 2020
Life is so friggin' weird, I'll tell ya.
The older you get, the weirder it gets,
and it just keeps on getting weirderer.

Grossly weird.
Wrongly and disturbingly weird.
Upsettingly weird.

But then, now and again,
pleasantly weird.
Delightfully, excitingly weird.
Weirdly endearingly weird.

Then weirder still.
Off-puttingly weirder.
Over-sweetly weirdly weirder.
Understatedly, low-key weirder to the highest degree contradictory weird.

Maybe weird isn't so weird after all.
When it's the only constant in life,
then weirdness becomes the only reliably normal thing, oddly enough.
Weird way of seeing it.
Jul 2020 · 67
JDK Jul 2020
You're like a unicorn in a world full of mules.
You are a treasure in a room full of tools.
A patch of bright color in a washout of gray.
Whatever "it" is, you've got it in spades.
Things to say to that special someone
Jul 2020 · 83
JDK Jul 2020
Poked and prodded
'til brokenhearted.
Now the game's *******.
The stomachs knotted.

Pushed and pulled;
Together, alone.
The game's not over . . .

(Pick up the phone.)
You have one unheard voice message. New message: *click*
Jul 2020 · 204
Family Curse
JDK Jul 2020
I always expect the worst from people.
Thanks mom
Jun 2020 · 392
Ingredients for an Omelette
JDK Jun 2020
You can't rebuild schemas without breaking them first.
Get out of your comfort zone!
Jun 2020 · 64
JDK Jun 2020
I don't want to annoy the few people who don't annoy me.

But at what cost?
Holding back.
Biting tongue.
Sitting out when I could be having more fun.

Oh right, fun. That became a problem. Having too much fun makes things fray at the edges.

So here I am, all proper hemmed,
and a bit lonely for refusing to annoy a friend.
Just tell me to shut up and leave you alone already.
Jun 2020 · 149
JDK Jun 2020
People can't read minds,
even if it seems like they can sometimes,
but at least a few can read between lines;
what do they find?


(I doubt it.)

People can feel all kinds of things
without saying a word about it.
poets, for better or worse, are not that kind of people.
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