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Irena Aug 2018
I can read the destiny  
from your palms,you know
Kiss me,
but this time with your eyes
And in your thoughts
send me to sleep
Erase me from your flesh
and every little trace I leave on
turn into dust and wind
What once is written,
now it's been erased
And when this fragile dream passes
I shall set these beds on fire
I shall paint your eyes red
And I shall seal your lips,
for I do not want your words
And forget me do
For I have killed you in
my thoughts...
that was the destiny I read from your palms
Irena Aug 2018
Sunshine on my eyebrows...
I can't seem to find the door
The door in the floor  
that leads to lovers passed
The door in the floor  
that leads to conscience lost
I never seem to find you
Never seem to heal you,never hurt you

From the hands of a boy
I drink waters
All the little boys grew into soldiers
All the little girls liked them
Never met them

We carried woods
and nails
Carved our names and put hinges
so the door could open,
but never close  
I put carpet on the door
The door in the floor
So noone could see,noone would know
of my lovers passed
Of my conscience lost

Sunshine on my eyebrows...
I never seem to find the door
Never seem to find everything I've lost...
Irena Aug 2018
Our portraits faded
In this land of no opportunities
we bought a little hope
and earned a little tear
No colour for our eyes
No glitter for our lips

Our flowers died
No apples,nore oranges
No birds in our gardens
Hell is cold now
Heaven's too far
Battles started and seem to have
no end  
My nails are ****** from digging
bones from the dirt
Digging bones from the flesh
My womb is hungry for peace

In this land of no opportunities
only cascets travel the road at day
Only death by night

Our portraits faded
Rings and earrings
Tapistries from the walls
Tiny hidden notes
All gone

Letters travel  with no destination
They will tell stories
to the nations yet unborn
Mournings travel even faster
They will write  elegies
to the children unknown

Years shall pass
Armies will march
Songs shall be written and sang
Our portraist will be drawn
But no earth shall rise from these
No earth shall rise from these graves
Yesterday was too soon
Tomorrow all will be gone
Irena Aug 2018
I flee from these shoes
so that I could come
and meet you
And in an instance
I am scared by the innocence
that trembles upon your smile
And you
You're afraid I might not
like you

"What would you think of me",you say
"I come hours late"
And I think
If you were a minute earlier,
I wouldn't have been here  
"You come on time",I say
and go back in my shoes

The cab-driver
doesn't know the destination,
and we don't care
If it is too far
we could walk
so to trick the time to last

Your pockets are empty
I put my hands in them
It is warm
This is where I belong
I want to cover them with leaves
and dirt
so that I could hide it from
Like a dog hiding it's bone

There are no wrinkles
on the photographs
You're always smiling on your
passport picture
Now I know why there aren't  any
on the travelling tickets
The conductor would have cried
if he ever saw the passenger's eyes
It is easier this way

You come on time
but you never stay long enough
I always miss you
and have to go back
in my shoes

The cab-driver says we're there
and I wonder whose address is this
and why he always takes us
to the station
The platforms have remembered
the soles of our shoes
and the tiny,little wrinkles on them
made by the little pebbles
on the street
The benches know exactly when we're going
to sit  
And the whistle of the train
knows exactly when to shout
So that you can't hear me say
Come back...come back again...
Irena Aug 2018
We're like tired
that walk these nameless  
We have no destiny
so we could blame
our failure upon
We have no excuse
for being here
You and I,
we should have known better  

This is not the land in which
flowers are born
This is not the land in which
children are born

The cities are empty
can't you see
The Wind that blows
beneath our feet
carries a newspaper with
an imprinted date long gone
All the faces we try to forget
there they are,on the last page

This is a land of wars
There we live,You and I,
My god against your god
My sword against yours
During  the day
we w ash the bandages
in the rivers that flow
carrying rust
from the factories that no longer
make bullets
At night we sleep
next to eachother and
who knows  
We may even dream the same dreams
We sometimes even make love
so not to forget what love
looks like
We sometimes even sing
Song we write ourselves
Songs of heroes
Songs of hope
Hope that someone hears us
and saves us
Tells us this war is over

You and I,
we're the whole civilization here
We write with fingers
on the walls of the abandoned houses
so our descendants could read
We write with fingers
on the walls of the abandoned homes
hoping  we could enter
the history books
or some prophets books
Something like Adam and Eve
But you are not Adam
and I am not Eve
We will have no history
for history dies here
No prophets shall be born
This is the clash of worlds
This war killed everything
it might as well killed us
Barren as we are,
You and I
we could only fight by day
and dream at night
Irena Aug 2018
Inbetween the two brows
on your forehead
the sun sets a ray
in the morning
Every morning with dawn
you wake me up
with a silent kiss
ang get out of our bed
and into the world
I pretend not to know
I pretend not to see
I pretend I sleep
Inbetween the eyebrows
on my forehead
there's a wrinkle that appears
every morning
and it does not go away
until  the next one
And this is the place
you like to kiss
I wait  for you,my love
Every day I wait for you
To come back at sunset
Take me from our garden
where I lay amongst
the yellow tulips
and put me inside our
bed of hopes
But you never do
You only go out
every morning
but never come back
at the evening
And this song is never
written to the end
Irena Aug 2018
Are we going to build
a new world
upon these cracked fondations
A new religion
in these destroyed temples
I am waiting for you
by this altar
covered in the scent
of a thousand faded candles
Like a sacrifice,
with noone to be sacrificed to
Like a believer
with noone to pray to

Now all fades
The moon from which
we stole silver in the quiet nights
now moves to another sky
and takes all the stars
with her
With dawn the sun shall go
We are condemned to darkness
and exile

Tell me
Have we sinned
All we did was love
And if love can be a tyran
isn't then life as same as death
A kiss same as a whip
and how can we build now
A new world upon these scatered grounds
A new religion in these destroyed temples
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