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Ekta Jul 2022
Change, what a change
Lately become so hard to adjust,
Still carrying on carrying on
But guess I never be the same again.
I want to scream
about how much you did me wrong
But I'm silent .... thinking maybe you're right in your place.
Shut my mouth, shut my thoughts
My heart scattered loudly,
Nobody hear it and nobody knows.

I smile through my pain,
And its okay to be alone again.
In held that bond so tightly
make it seems so easy that we're bounding,
But you never thought twice,
Break me and be distance.
And here I'm standing alone figuring out the reason why?
Here I'm writing that even we'll same again.....the shattered pieces cannot be restored again.

Well what a change what a change
Carrying out for myself
But I never be the same again.
Ekta Jun 2022
Nobody know, not even me,
What is going on with me
Is I'm part of creating this scene or just necessary imposed on me.
It's a point of No energy, no pain
                      No love, no hate
                      No hope, no regret
                      No satisfaction, no craze
                      No lesson , no gain.
  This state is like a dim light, everything okay but also not.
  So subtle that I forget to live,
  It's just going on, where I don't know, but just going.
Ekta Jun 2022
Just another day
With million things racing in mind,
And nothing goes as it was planned.

The way I've been these days
Trying but nothing feels enough
When i gonna know what is enough.

Caged my heart
Cause it goes wild
When it not get
What it want.

Feel like wasted
In search of meaning of life.
Ekta May 2022
Like dew on the grass
My freezing hand in your palm,
Mesmerizing touch
Oh this inseperable bond
Childlike smile and twinkling eyes
Craving for one ...for the only one
Yeh gist of all
You, where my everything belong.
Ekta May 2022
Want to be oblivion again
Of the fact that,
Most of things are not in my hand
And how hard I try
People leave, even you give them all.
Ekta May 2022
I feel good, in my baddest time
I feel alive, with tears in eyes
I hurry up so i never be late
I treat people with heart not with mind,
And I wished I never be so delicate....
But it's a fact I'm just a human
So i will Just go on like river and wind.
Ekta Mar 2022
What I want
I think I forgot in the middle of path,
What I dreamt of
Lost in the colour of my dark,
In this walking and falling
I don't know rise with all those scar.
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