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At times I start to smile,
Out of nowhere and for a little while,
When of what we’d be doing I think
If you were here awhile
And my smile starts to sink
Free to breathe finally
Ready to soar swiftly
Ignoring all, irresponsibly
Dying to fly lightly
Aiming to flee quickly
Young, what I wish eternally
@InesCristina cowriter
No time left
Only a hole in my chest
We must return
To a life so stern
Our freedom is over
As the end seems closer
How do I feel today?
I guess there is not much to say
Every day feels the same
The Frustration is becoming hard to tame
I pray tomorrow won't be just another day
Sometimes I wished my parents would understand
Why I feel sometimes like I'm not strong enough to stand
Why I consider myself to be so bland
When I have so many things in the palm of my hand
Sometimes I wished even I could understand

— The End —