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Ike E Davis Nov 20
Oh I'm searching
I got no one to call

Oh ,,,,
I hung my head low
Lower than

my soul long have I been
thinking I'd find
The truth
Oh and I start looking
At no one here but myself

Yeah...I been searching
And searching and I bowed my
The door was open
And Jesus was the way .you
Could spend your life searching
But take it from me
Now there ain't no denying
showed me the way
Who's searching
Who's searching when there's
No need...Jesus gave and gave
And this searcher was saved
Ike E Davis Oct 2
There's a void here Dear God
A dark spot on
what was a shiny soul
Anger and contempt
Are polished black and **** in life
Like a black hole
And who do I blame?
Who caused such pain
in my circle
That ever got in my way
And critizied my domain
With their pointing; boney fingers,
And spittle flying from their lips
So easy to point and criticize
Any belief
The arguments that never
Changed anybodies mind
The drawn out drama
That drains my life
And I try to gather any
Bit of happiness
A little piece of joy
Like little bright
Beautiful marbles
That I've lost for sure.
Ike E Davis Sep 25
I am the last spiritual Lycanthrope
He that is to the right of the Pale rider
I wield the red sword
My sacrifice and the sacrifice of others is justified in the promise of a millenia of peace may God grant me strength...for it begins..Apocalypse.
Ike E Davis Sep 18
Pardon my prose
But..a rose is a rose?
Not today,  is it yellow or white?
Blood red, light blue, or dark hue?
It has thorns?
don't all precious things?
And the rose of which I speak ,
That rose,  by the way have you ever seen?
It is in a garden, with many other colors
It shares the sun and water with all
The other flowers
And which one stands out
To be perfect
They all be...
Ike E Davis Aug 29
I wish you were
Like something I need
I wish you would change
Just for me
I wish you knew
What I need from you
What would you be
Without your filthy
How would you behave
If you were surrounded
With love and pride
I wish you'd change
To what I need
Whatcha doing
For me
Watcha doing for me
Oh I wish you knew
I wish you knew
Ike E Davis Aug 23
I'd bow my weary head
To the angel that is dead
In our garden
The killer sits
On a metal chair
Where no one ever gets
His arm is as dead
As his empty head
His other hand points to.
Alerted I cried he must
Be the guy but no
Ones here to hear
As grey rises to his feet
I conceed defeat
And fall right out asleep
As I wake up I realize
I'm sitting in my easy chair .
Ike E Davis Aug 8
Them thar hills
Them thar hills
I used to
As a child
Them thar hills
They were green and they were
During my youth they were there
Them thar hills
Them thar hills are rolling high
Struggles deep
and wide
Them thar hills
In their shadow I kissed my bride
Years moved on by and by
Them thar hills
Broken ridge like a broken back
Too **** old to heal fast
Them thar hills looming high
To where God watches my
Life lived by
Them thar hills
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