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Zee Feb 2022
Every fascist has to die
You can look them in the eye
And you don't got to cry
'Cause you'd be saving ******* lives
Zee Feb 2022
The fascists are alive
The fascists need to die

The fascists are alive
The fascists have to die

As long as the fascists are alive
We're gonna ******' die

The fascists are alive
So nobody will survive

The fascists are alive
Let 'em black out the ******* sky

The fascists are alive
The fascists need to die
Zee Feb 2022
Grab this blade
and cut away
All the pieces that he left in you

Take a drink,
your stomach sinks
And there's nothing anyone can do

It's okay,
we're all in graves
That are filling up each day

No one knows,
nor do they care
About hate rising on the air

We're almost done,
so sorry son
But what the **** else can you do?

Just grab this blade
and cut away
Every ******* thing in you.
Zee Feb 2022
Why listen to words
You don't want to hear
When you got the power
To **** all you fear
With bullets and brawn
Cowardly things, those
You slaughter your foes
But are stuck with your woes
Zee Feb 2022
Young and tender,
Her flesh, it renders
One incomplete
Or so it seeks
With razor sharp claws
And rapacious applause
To consume whomsoever
She's really quite so clever
In that all that she meets
Is all that she eats
With no names exchanged
And nothing arranged
I wish I had known this all before
I brought her home through the front door
Zee Feb 2022
Words flow
Like river tributary
Seldom smooth
Rough tides for rough minds
And in this I'll hide
Intentions true
Is it me or is it you?
Rafting these white waters
Seeking answers
Through the stressing of muscle
The tension in form
Head above
Now under
The water roars
Until the words run dry
We're at the end
With the lessons learned
Oh what lessons learned?
Zee Feb 2022
We're murderers
Tracking through the woods
The prey we'll take home
To cannibalize again
Each and every moment
We've spent together here
Until they've been digested
And replicated in mass
We put them up for consumption
Selling copies of our souls
Like murderers
Painting pictures in the snow
They fade away in minutes
This compassion that we've shared
Until there is nothing left
But the corpses of our fears
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