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Holyyy Apr 2020
✨'''Trying, I made my efforts quite noticeable, But they couldn't see;
I felt like I was drowning deeper and deeper into despair;
I lost focus of the light within me that once kept me going.

💔And slowly, I've now become a dark shadow of who I used to be;
Now I stand here,fixed and ignored;
Staring at my body gently lowered into the coffin.

💔Those who heard my shrieks of fear and cries for help(But yet ignored me!) now stand here,shedding tears for all that cared to see.

💔Now I stand here,fixed and ignored;
Seeing my once cherished body;protected by a rectangular-four-cornered wooden box slowly covered with dirt.

✨Right here,I realized the true meaning if death!´´´
Omoyeni Holiness©

— The End —