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Henry Mar 2018
This line means nothing
Next line a contradiction
Followed by a glimpse of honesty
Ruined by a breath of cowardice
Why stop now I say
I’ll soon approach the chorus
Where lose ends will be tied
Truth will be spoken
Points will be made
But all you’ll hear is

Oooh oooh oooh waoooh
Oooh oooh oooh waoooh
I think we all can agree
That this will live forever
End up in a capsule
Floating ‘round in space
Henry Mar 2018
Clinging to me tightly
Making sure I won't forget
Poking at me gently
Filling me with regret
Yes it was a long time ago
The incident was minor
Not sure he even noticed
I think the only one
Who walked away
Feeling hurt
Was me

Now it finds me in the shower
In between meals
While waiting for a ride
Before I fall asleep
I'm thinking
If only I had known
What I know now
I would have made a different choice
.......but I was only 13
I was only 22
I was only 41
It never ends

How I envy those
Who shake it off

— The End —