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901 · May 2020
Be The Shade
Be the shade,
The shade where souls rest.

Be the shade,
The shade where succor breeds.

Be the shade,
The shade where families roost.

Be shade,
The shade for the lonely.

Be the shade,
The shade for better tales.
270 · Apr 2020
The Alter Of Corruption.
At creation
Everything was in shape
The earth's systems jigsawed
The nature,in perfect form
Adam,the king erred
Earth in turmoil
The Globe in  natural anomy

To feed,man eats man
To drink,man ***** man
To move man rides  man
Taskmaster of iron will
Human right  abused
Human freedom caged
A fresh alter is built
Alter of Corruption

Give us a Moses
To give us a Joshua
Who will disciple a Caleb.
Terrorism pervades the Globe
Jihadism,song of the world
Crimes,our neighbour
Diseases,unwanted guests
Our anchor,reeds they turned
On the alter of Corruption.

Ours,is an overheated alter
Fans by the wind of 'selves'
From all sides
Selves,Leviathans that feed
Feeding  our gods of Corruption

TO repress selves
Immune your soul
To insulate your  spirit
Displace the monster ,
The monster of Corruption
From the  root
Cleanse the  alter
The the alter of Corruption.
107 · Apr 2020
Apply your break
Unbridled possession
Breeds obsession
Emotional obsession
Hatches oppression
Oppression let loosed
Leads to depression
Untamed depression
Produces aggression
Galloping aggression
Runs to destruction
To eschew destruction
Apply your break!
81 · May 2020
Set Your Mind Straight
Look with the intention of seeing.
See the  feasible in invisible.
Close your eyes to open your mind.
Open your mind to see beyond sight.

Lead your inner man, set the world straight.
Man operates in a wobbled world.
Set your mind straight.
Set the world straight.
68 · Apr 2020
Divine asset to every living
Gift to every  being
Life makes every being
Life keeps all being

Hold your life,keep your life
Give your life, find your life
Loosed life;lost life
Caged life,costs lives

Live to give;give to live
Life of giving;life of living
Leave to give; cease to live
Life,a rare gift
Life;uncommon treasured egg
Live  the word;change the world
Life;gift of gifts,
Live  fully!Live carefully!
When looked,what do you see?
When you saw,what do you observe?
When  observed, how do you analyse?
When  analysed,what do you report?
When reported,what do you do?
Action;the end product of knowledge
Knowledge, less action is void.
32 · Jun 13
Best Perception
To ordinary eyes
David, a Shepherd boy
To extraordinary God
A king of Israel

What do you see?
David,a Shepherd boy?
Open your eyes
Behold your king

To ordinary mind
Joseph,a slave boy?
To extraordinary mind
A leader in Egypt

What do you perceive?
Joseph,a slave boy?
Open your mind
Behold your leader

To wicked souls
Jesus,a useless lamb
To the merciful father
A redeemer of the world

What do you believe?
Jesus,a useless lamb?
Open your hearth
Behold your redeemer
31 · Dec 2021
The Light of The World
In the beginning
The earth was perfect
Lucifer rebelled
Satan,he became
Satan,the devil,made man sinned
The earth, formless it turned
The great light was put out
Total darkness,enthroned
Man kills man; man eats man
Man steals man; man cheats man

The merciful God looks down
Ready to redeem
Redeeming the world
Adam the dust,died and buried
Our last Adam,the product of light
The second in triune God
Created to safe.

Our saviour;our redeemer
Born to redress
Redressing the world
Our light,one great beam
Jesus lights the world
Messiah conquers the darkness

Have Jesus,have saviour
Have Messiah,have salt
Keep Jesus, shame darkness
Redeem your glory through Jesus
Keep eternal life, through eternal light
Jesus! Our light
Jesus!The light of the world
The blowing winds,
The singing birds,
The livid nature
All bear messages

The message of hope,
Message of despire,
Message of life,
Message of death.
All builds;all Mars

Incline your ears to the winds,
Sieve your facts.
Be attentive to the birds,
Carve out your truth.
Listen to the nature,
Identify the message.

Apply your facts;cleanse your heart.
Use your truth;build your home.
Appropriate your message,
Feed your neighbours.

The facts,
The truth,
The message,
All make,the world a better home.
27 · Jun 13
Look Beyond The Body
He may be shameless ogre
Full of scars and dirts
Adores his body with rags
Swarm around him are flies
Wao! Look beyond his body
Deep in him seated
Mass if unmined treasures

Beyond his stinking whare,hidden
Wisdom ladden tablet
Dig deep into his heart
Search his soul
Tap out the best
The best for the world

Soar above ordinary
Hunt out the extra ordinary
Turn the world around
Everyman is  bundled brim
Bundles of unreachable wisdom
Search harder for the honey within
Look beyond the body!

— The End —