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Katrina Carreck Mar 2021
He said "cling to me"
And when I tried he wasn't there.
I feel used and abandoned.
He tells me to do something, then doesn't let me do it. He tells me that he'll do something, then doesn't follow through.
I'm better off this way; not caring.
I will become numb, it's safer.
I can't get hurt if I don't care.
Katrina Carreck Jan 2021
I had given the gift of blind trust.
I closed my eyes to trust in him.
He stared me down with his Evil Eye
Saying that beneath my eyelids
The Evil Eye lurked just for him.
And so he readily cast his upon me
And now that I have opened my eyes
He cries "cruelty!" at my returning gaze.
Now that my Evil Eye stares back into his;
Now that it is turned back onto him,
He fails to see
That it is my protection
From him.

— The End —