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Kira Harmon Sep 2014
She lights up two cigarettes and hands me one of them
I can taste her lipstick on it and suddenly my heart is pounding
so hard I can't hear anything else
By: HotPocket Brooks
Kira Harmon Mar 2014
head throbbing, hand shaking knees weak. tears running down my face. youre not here and thats what kills me
seeing your face is what got me through the day
why would you leave me like this?
making me go crazy with out hearing your voice
so many people remind me of you but no one can compare
you are the sun shine in the morning the moon light at night
i love you with all my heart more than words can say
i try to move on but when i hear your name my heart sinks
why would you leave me like this?
By Casey Williams
Kira Harmon Mar 2014
I walk with my head down, fearing contact with the twinkling brutality falling peacefully from the sky.
I see ahead of me a child lying blanketed in white.
I approach silently and think to myself;
It's the season of death and here she lies: abandoned, bruised, broken, and frozen.
Why has nature allowed me to use her trunks to build my home?
I drop my head again, this time with shame, and walk on.
As I arrive to my home, I smell revenge and hear Nature's cry as my shelter crumbles.
I drop helplessly to my knees and weep.
Grabbing handfuls of snow, I realize what I must do.
I sprint down the road to where she still lies.
I crouch next to her on the frozen cement and then I too, lie down.
I held her through the night, desperate to keep her warm.
She didn't wake to see Nature's next gold.
Kira Harmon Aug 2013
I awoke screaming,
In agony from dreaming.
The man before me,
Explained it's reality.
He smiles at my pain.
My loss is his gain.
I thought love was forever.
In a blink, I lost my lover.
I awoke screaming,
In agony from dreaming.
The man before me,
explained it's reality.
Kira Harmon Aug 2013
Life is what we make of it.
Question is, are we building or breaking it.
Kira Harmon Aug 2013
I try to be perfect, I really do.
Trying harder, just for you.
But I always seem to make you mad.
Trying to be good, but you're never glad.
I guess I appear as a little girl in your eyes.
I never change, me you'll always despise.
Or so you thought.
But so called father, You had to have known;
your punch isn't the only one to be thrown.
I will do to you, as you do to me.
I don't care, if you only get angry.
I'm grown up now.
You're going down.
No more little girl.
I'm rocking your world.
How's my knuckles feel on your teeth?
Hm? Do you taste blood beneath?
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