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Sierra Oct 2020
Sometimes I wonder;
Did it actually happen?

your hand around my neck,
tightening as your voice changes..
I’ll never forget the whisper as it left your lips

. . . You wouldn’t of come if you weren’t gonna put out.

Left without breath, frozen in time.
Without reason or Rhyme
For you knew the whole time.

My tears flowed, my voice no’d
Only till I froze,
My brain stopped,
My heart dropped,
Lost in time
Without rhyme.

Sometimes I wonder;
Did it actually happen?
It’s been two years and yet I would still run him over if I got the chance. Twos years and he still keeps me up. When will it stop? When will I get peace ?
Sierra Aug 2020
I am always searching
for something that can not be found but given
from people who care to little
Give to late
I begged,
for your acceptance,
Your love,
Your attention…
im done.
i will never receive what i give
And ive given my all.
to my parents, im done trying
Sierra Jul 2020
. . . *******
Sierra Jul 2020
Pinky Promise

First a promise
Then a kiss
Full of happiness and bliss
I’ll hold you tight
With all my might
All throughout the night
And when day breaks
Our future awaits

. . .our adventure begins
if you dont read it with the right voice its no good...
  Jul 2020 Sierra
The only thing I enjoy more than saying your name

Is hearing you say mine.
  Jul 2020 Sierra
There's a street lamp that I regularly mistaken for the moon
And tonight it reminded me to be careful
Of how bright I think you shine
Your light only illuminates one path.
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