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Oct 2018 · 121
Jasmine Oct 2018
Sep 2018 · 119
The secret sight
Jasmine Sep 2018
You are back
I know you never left
Peering through a crack
Watching me fall apart
Slowly breaking my heart
Alone in the darkness
Temptation is taking over
No happiness
I wish on a shining star
"Just let me die"
Sep 2018 · 104
Please don't
Jasmine Sep 2018
Please don't look me in the eye
Because I know I'll surly cry
Please don't wipe my tears away
Because I think they are here to stay
Please don't remind me that you won't go
Because you truly never know
Please don't tell me it's gonna be okay
Becuase you know I had a really bad day
Please don't sigh then tell me a lie
Because I already want to die
Please just don't
Aug 2018 · 75
(An empty goodbye)
Jasmine Aug 2018
Tears fall down my face
I see you standing there
Staring back at me
Why are you the base,
Of all my problems near
But you are also the key,
The key to my happiness
Only if you stay true,
True to our friendship
You broke me, I live in sadness
You don't know what to do
Because there is nothing,
Nothing to fix me.
Just let me die.
Aug 2018 · 102
On my own
Jasmine Aug 2018
Why now?
I will never be found
No one cares
They never did
I'm all alone
On my own
To deal with the pain
The emptiness
Overflowing out my veins
Trying to live is making me die
Aug 2018 · 118
Moving on
Jasmine Aug 2018
When I'm gone
You'll live on
Happy as can be
Living without me
Aug 2018 · 239
Two hands, One heart
Jasmine Aug 2018
The feeling of your fingers
Oh how it lingers
The softest skin traces my palm
Each heart beat is like a bomb
Exploding in my chest
Could this be a test
So much time has passed
It all happened so fast
Memories stay in my head
Listen to what I said
"I will always be your friend
Up until the end"
Aug 2018 · 89
Out of the blue
Jasmine Aug 2018
When will it be ok
She pretends during day
Only to break away
Darkness comes
Taking over
Like banging drums
Nothing inside her
Suffocating in her mind
Yet still so blind
What would be lost
If she ever just died
Aug 2018 · 99
Cause & Effect
Jasmine Aug 2018
I run away from my fears
only to find tears
Aug 2018 · 82
I want...
Jasmine Aug 2018
I want someone to hold my hand.
I want someone to talk to me all night.
I want someone to dance with me.
I want someone to go on long walks with me.
I want someone to catch me when I fall.
I want someone to fall asleep next to me.
I want someone to wake me with a whisper.
I just want someone.
I want you to hold my hand.
I want you to talk to me all night.
I want you to dance with me.
I want you to go on long walks with me.
I want you to catch me when I fall.
I want you to fall asleep next to me.
I want you to wake me with a whisper.
I only want you.
Jul 2018 · 108
Jasmine Jul 2018
When will it end
I feel like I'm drowning
My heart pounding
Waiting for it all to stop
Or for me to drop
Far away from everything
I suffer through it,
It will never end.
But I will never give up
Jul 2018 · 94
The light
Jasmine Jul 2018
I look to you in the late night
To maybe share a little light
You make me happy even when I'm down
Maybe like a clown?
Your outward happiness, that I admire
It spreads so quickly, like wildfire
With just one look they all smile
But your own happiness is off by a mile
Wish I could help
But I know that I'd melt
The fire you burn all around
It keeps you nailed to the ground
Will you ever fly with all the other angels
The fire you live in has burned your wings
While everyone else still sings
Never to pause to save a lost soul
It has never been their goal

The ocean that drowns me
Chases you away
Please don't flee
My world is always grey
But now you come
To light the way
Please don't run
I could help if you stay
Hold my hand...
Water meets fire
There's a burst of desire
Eyes locked
Both of us shocked
"I love you"
"I love you too"
Jul 2018 · 85
Jasmine Jul 2018
You can count on me
To **** up your day
There will never be a 'we'
There just isn't a way
You are with her
And I am alone
Forever alone.
There is love in your eyes
That kills me all the time
Your love belongs to someone else
I know it will never be mine.
Jul 2018 · 104
The Truth
Jasmine Jul 2018
No matter how long I love you
You will never care
No matter what I do
You will never dare
To tell the truth
Where would you be
If you had never met me
I don't know what I would do
If I had never met you
Where would I be?
Jul 2018 · 94
Jasmine Jul 2018
Walking in the darkest night
No one near or even in sight
Alone with my thoughts
So overwhelming, compelling
Me to stay strong
To last as long
Not for forever
Will I ever
Wear a smile that's not fake
As I break
Slowly I fade away
Its been a bad day.
Jun 2018 · 86
Thought Process
Jasmine Jun 2018
What is This?
I'm falling into the abyss
Deeper through my feelings
Farther away from healing
Loving you rips my life apart
Until the end, when I've lost my heart
It is gone.
Into the rising of dawn
It will awake at night
Grow to the highest height
Flower in the moonlight
Take over the sky
Can see nothing with your eye
Darkness has spread
Until I bleed red
What is going through my head?
Jun 2018 · 121
Empty Amen
Jasmine Jun 2018
I prayed to you
But you were never there
I needed something to do
To make me feel less bare
Or stop society's stare

I prayed to you
But you were nowhere to be found
What could you do
Stop me falling down
Release me from this bound

I prayed to you
But you could not be seen
You will never do
What I always dream
Why are you so mean

I leave you with this,
An empty amen
Jun 2018 · 104
Jasmine Jun 2018
I wish you were mine
Becuase I know I won't find
Someone like you
To make my dreams come true
Through days dark and light
I will love you tonight
Jun 2018 · 115
Are you ok?
Jasmine Jun 2018



Jun 2018 · 105
Jasmine Jun 2018
Thinking, thinking
What should I say
To help improve your day
To make you feel okay
Because the way
You make me feel
Can heal
All the rain
Inside of my brain
Jun 2018 · 130
With you
Jasmine Jun 2018
I don't know where you're going
But I want to be with you
Wherever you will wander
I know that we'll be true
Jun 2018 · 95
Jasmine Jun 2018
I know I shouldn't love you
But I don't know how to stop
All these feeling are so new
Am I just a prop?
Sitting in the background staring at you
Not knowing what to do
Jun 2018 · 112
Jasmine Jun 2018
Nobody is here
To talk
Nobody is near
To walk
Emotions running wild
Nowhere to be
Anything but mild
Going crazy
Panicking, no air
My lungs are broken
Nothing there
I'm empty.
Jun 2018 · 636
Friendship is Complicated
Jasmine Jun 2018
You were my friend
My best friend
We saw the same
Thought the same
Loved the same
That was the problem.
When they came
I loved them
More then most
But you did too
They chose you
Without knowing,
My heart was breaking
The two people I loved most
Ripping my soul apart
I still love you both
But my love is a little broken
Just like me
Jun 2018 · 150
I don't know
Jasmine Jun 2018
All I think about is you.
I see you through and through.
I don't know what to do.
I don't know how to stop
When will I drop
Deep into darkness
Crying until I drown
While you watch me frown
Where to go to now
If I was to allow
Emotions to run freely
I would be happy, ideally
That's not how it works
I plunge into dispear
And plan to stay there
Jun 2018 · 138
I love you
Jasmine Jun 2018
I love you
I cannot say
I can't control my feelings
Neither night nor day
I don't know how to do this
You've already found the person
Who will love you for forever
I cannot say I love you
For sadness fills my soul
To take me into darkness
I cannot say
Jun 2018 · 94
Jasmine Jun 2018
Everyone will know
And there is nothing I can do.
It will just keep spreading
As long as I will live
Once it gets to you
I don't know what to do
It will hurt
And it will sting
But you keep me under your wing
Save me from the danger
Help me through the chaos
Traveling fast
What should I do?
May 2018 · 90
Constantly Crying
Jasmine May 2018
Sitting in the dark
Like a tree stripped of bark
Empty and crying
Lost in the darkness
Attacked by my sadness
Hurt and crying
Thoughts fill my mind
Feeling so blind
Alone and crying
Emotions flood my head
I wish I was dead
Gone but still crying.
May 2018 · 99
Jasmine May 2018
Crumbling into dust
Covered in rust
Can't help but think
If I could shrink
Smaller than a dime
Until the end of time
Watching the world go by
Slowly as I die
Everyone cheering
As they watch me fade away
In the darkness I will stay
For a million years
Drowning in my tears
Help me.
Save me.
Too late.
I'm gone.
Without a care in the world
You go on with your day
Only if I may
See you one last time
Tell me you are mine
May 2018 · 105
You & Me
Jasmine May 2018
When to cry?
I wish I could die.
Breaking through the walls
Running through the halls
Wishing you were here
To hold me in your arms
As I let my emotions flow
Letting the tears go
Falling softly on your back
As you hold me tight
Vision going out of sight
Can't see, can't hear
Only feel.
The love coming from your heart
Breaking me apart
How I love you so
But you let my feelings go
As I cry and scream
Am I in a dream
Coming back to reality
You don't love me.
It could never be.
May 2018 · 87
Jasmine May 2018
i don't know where I
would be or if i even COULD
be, still alive NEVER
to breathe and LIVE
knowing you aren't there WITHOUT
the love and support from YOU
May 2018 · 118
Life alone.
Jasmine May 2018
Life is rough
Life is tough
But you will make it through
And I will always be there with you
To keep you here when you are at your worst
To make sure you don't burst
Into a thousand pieces
As your happiness decreases
I try to heal the pain
Deep inside your veins
Fix the broken parts
Burried inside your heart
To cure your shattered feelings
From all the love worth healing
All the suffering I'd go through
Just to be with you

— The End —