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Hasley Dec 2018
Look at them robbers of our treasuries,
Look at them high profile beggars ridding on horses.
They make reference to us in mockery, yet feast from our tables,
They feed in peace and trade our potion of meals.
When Our babies die of malnutrition, our daughters *****, our wife turn to the streets for refuge, and what did you not call us; hungry lazy stinky beggars?
When our sons hawk for survival, you chase them like thieves, and enact laws to  prosecute them like common criminals;
You watched us loose our farms, our homes, our children and our husbands yet you offered us nothing but streets and bridges to sleep and freeze to death.
We had smiles before frustration wrinkled our faces
We had families and friends before sorrow clouded our joy
We survive the bruises of swords and guns  yet we feel better off death than alive.
Its dark and Scarry we can't sleep for by gun sounds our throats maybe slayed.
Wounded IDP's
Hasley Dec 2018
Clothe me in your arms and chew my words like a bubble gum wobbles at the mercy of your dentals
Play me a rhythm and watch my feet twist to the magic of an African goat skin wrapped on artistically crafted wooden cylinder
Dear future wife, judge not the sins I hip like the pyramids of the great sokoto caliphate hidden beneath my pseudo royal regalia
I was born free yet adulthood preen the shackles of my forefathers crime deep to the pinnacle of my excellence.
Pardon my unfaithful bruises and i vow not to fall again if you be my shadow,
If you teach me and I promise not to forget,
Just as creation owes visit to the great beyond "death", I owe you a kiss for the love you offered, an apology for the wrongs I couldn't avoid
Judge not the wounds you see, nor the scars I hide; for each has its story,
Just as we will have a lullaby for our babies, lets set pace for our future
Hasley Dec 2018
Your greatest fear is right at the door, the moment he knocks you wish he never comes back.
You keep rising kids with violence and psychological trauma
He makes you feel like can Angel in the night, and your nightmare at dawn
You knew him so well before the alter tradition, but you thought that would change when you both are in the real ring..(married)
You better be single and waxing happiness, than married and seeking Joy.
It's quite unfathomable why the phrase "for better for worst" has such a great hypnotic power much induced in it. Couples keep on enduring punches from their partners forgetting that the eye closes when sleep over powers it.
Take a break a see if changes will come. But if nothing happens,
    Just quit
Hasley Dec 2018
I looked up to the skies and only a single bird did I see.
A melody echoed between my rips and only one heart heard it.
My voice is only audible because ears are listening.
Before me is a testimony to the Glory of my creator that Angels are real.
Pills can't heal this wounds I've bore for long, neither can water quench what's burning within me.
You are that bird I see, the heart that hears my melody, the ears that listened.
I said pills can't heal my wounds, neither can water quench what's burning within me. All I need is a voice to whisper LOVE
Hasley Dec 2018
Lets build a friendship with reality knitted in every word as a theme we spew
With a solemn look, I feel my emotions betrothed to yours.
Oh enchantress of my innocent soul, free this heart you engraved with a dew of smiles and soften my worries.
Heal these demons of my holy thought, for I vow not to unleash infidelity to the promise land that welcomes me.
You hostess of the glorious journey of a thousand miles, the cure to my illness, the Amazon that lights my world, the reservoir of my happiness
Give me the name or I sing your beauty to Gods blue heavens, dash me a smile or I name the rainbows after you
Hail you the freedom I await, my fate beacons the esteem service of your silky rose alike lips to lick through the petals affirmation of my destiny.
I can't but be restless until your awakening. Before then, I LOVE YOU.

— The End —