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Gypsy Apr 16
Heavy shadows
Draped in perception
The twinkle ruin
Framed in dark charcoal
This - the art of  dream world
This quivering world
Bloated like a vein
To be -
Insect -
A Zen of clouds
A crumb of eternity
That was once art
In some
Unspeakable obscurity
In the edifice of infinity
Crumbling on your tongue

Gypsy Mar 15
Lucid whispers in the static
Forbidden knowledge beyond pharmacy
Tortured by never an end
It is potent, stimulation unsubtle
I savour the damaged
Cities of tribes
Graveyards of ambition
Exceptional magic
Between mania and melancholia
It overflows my experience vault
Fragments, cloaked in mystery
Crystallized in one's philosophy
It seems an Empire has fallen in my empty city
Cradled by vibrant melodies.

Gypsy Mar 9
Drifting on their waves of unawareness
Suffocating in their caves
Unpredictable and rampant
Fading into oblivion
Gypsy Jan 8
A door into the dark
The bright rim of the extreme
Raking at dead fires
The fury of indifference
Like a deacon at prayer
Money mingled with man's divinity - inflicting pain
The anaesthetic for the sceptics side
In this furnace fire she slept
Where the light wind lives
She hangs between the thoughtless world
Created half to rise, half to fall

Gypsy Jan 8
from a nightmare to come...
Purged of all human hope
Rats gnaw at their rifle butts
They've smothered us in blood
Laid our children down in mud
Their wars
Breathe the air of crime
The tricks of madmen
a call to arms
The idiots frightful laughter
You will always be hyena,
Attain death with your appetite
- For -
Your selfish capitalist sins

Gypsy Jan 8
Smoother me in blood
In the air of crime
And all the capital sins
Masters - Peasants - one and all
Lazier than toads
The new nobility - Progress
Idle and brutal
Weariness and anger
Scorn and charity
Like a treasure in the forest
Greedily I await freedom
Like Jeanne d' Arc...
Reason is born to me
The hope of escape
Begging the solace of innocence
Freedom in salvation
For an age of tender hearts

Gypsy Jan 8
This ******* - Me - Slave,
Your kind seed, barefoot and ragged
An impartial sense
This spider love
The Eagle and the Dove
To my waking soul, the serpent brought
Wild civility, a sweet disorder
Our common fate of time
So dull and mute
Underneath this marble stone
Love's death -
Both the wind and the sun
Make a final conquest..

Captivate my mind
In a soft dream

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