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Gypsy Sep 2023
Born -
Here on Earth - Into the glow of the firelight
Close to the end
Of doctrine and teachings magical nectar
Sunlight - shadowy glens
Drinking Mountain tops
Chill winds from the forest
The moonlit deserts - darkness swallowed
As the low thunder sounded
Bloomed on the Canyon walls
Died cursing existence
Fire spit - from off in the dark
Swallowed me up - froze me solid
Wailed and howled
Like a banshee coming for the Dead
Lost in the shuffle
The shattered Spirit of Mankind...

Gypsy Aug 2023
The jumbled froth of life
A frayed tapestry of ruin
Made sodden by the rain
Concealing a malignant thought
Those ancient instincts
Become my own tormentor
Filled with the reek of forests in decay
Merging dark in the webbed greasy darkness
Singing for the road
These levelling times
A brainless mechanical automation of jangling discord
Within the silt of memories
liquidated to the transitory currency of destruction
A drowsy chaos of reasoned passions
written on the passing wave
Dawn - hints at the shape of things - flexes
Through the struggles of our ancestors
Forever haunting the abbreviated memory of flesh
In our braided stream of citizenry
We are all the dead and dying..

Gypsy Aug 2023
Obscene whining - of infernal discordant music
Worn, with a strange lust
Whilst the floods menaced Earth
Like A Tibetan Mandala
All colours dazzling
Seeking the formless fire......   For Lust's sake
                                                     Let us Lust
                                                     For smoke's sake
                                                     Let us Smoke,....
The leeches of boredom
The pythons of poverty
The born and the unborn
Flamed up into mania's nameless Nature
Pure being - unveiled from the Matrix
The four walls of our Prison
Part of the Veils of matter
The ultimate reality appears out of oblivion
One super-subtle whisper
Slipping back to the Ancients
Like Faust to the Brocken
For ever driven darkly onward

There is nothing higher
There is nothing more
What is lost
Eternity can never restore...

Gypsy Oct 2022
The prejudiced beneficiaries
The product of diseased minds
Quietly -
Anonymously -
They crawled through the walls of every social taboo
That sinister current
Forms that would still invoke the inquisitions
The fears,
The bigotries
Dense and dark
Their stupid lust for power
Endangering all that is good
The well-disguised myth of Nobility....
Utterly pointless and unbearable.

Gypsy Oct 2022
A long cortege of shadows
Slipping past like water
In that groove of purpose
Blind and deaf and dumb to all save gold
Pawns to its deceptive power
Nursed into existence
Tunes of decadence
A brittle dream, a wilful violation of the actual
Streamed into the midnight currents of culture
Membranes of memories
Pathways between ages
Rotating on the planet
Life - Mankind
Nothing but an editorial cartoon
Bouquets Of Barbed Wire
Dazzled by lithium
Cheap chemical tricks, its secret melancholy
Attempts to outwit mortality
A haunted, vengeful lover
Spent the night in my bones
Simply spoke with her skin
Feasting on the void
Beneath this sand shroud
An incubus upon the heart
A shadow upon the brain
Stung the tongue like poisoned air
Burned the lungs without fire
Revelled in its own illusory nature
Doomed to choose
When to choose and when not to choose
A wild impulse  
To protest,
To demand

Gypsy Oct 2022
Pathetically inadequate  
at being - Humanity
Idiotically primitive
In our destructive urges
Pathologically incapable
Of simply getting along -

We are - Humanity
The Doomsday Machine
Gypsy Oct 2022
All mortal man would tell -

In darkness did she dwell
Born in the nowhere between galaxies
Of the cognitive metaphor tree
The play of conceptual possibilities
Wafting in the smoke - Survival of the fittest spoon
Destroyed by the slightest twitch of air
And we are all strangers again
Caught in the traffic jam
Movement could ***** it to a distant innermost
In this nation of nowhere -
I crawl back inside me
Everywhere at the same time.

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