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Mercedes Faust Dec 2014
I feel more and more alive with each and every sin you make me commit
Mercedes Faust Dec 2014
your my best high and my worst hangover

I don't know what it is

I allow you to come into my life, mess it all up, and leave.

The worst part is I love it.

I crave it.

I wouldn't want it any other way
Mercedes Faust Nov 2014
lonely people are the kindest saddest people smile the brightest the most damaged people are the wisest
Mercedes Faust Nov 2014
"And in the end we're all just humans who are drunk on the idea that love could heal our brokenness"
Mercedes Faust Nov 2014
quality over quantity
but my quantity got the qualities
  Nov 2014 Mercedes Faust
Tom Leveille
here's how it happens
the morning after
you reach into the drawer
where the your t-shirts live
to find it austere
you'll shrug because
you're still drunk
& you can't remember
when last it was
that you had something wet
or how long it's been
since you made the floorboards blush
or why the carpet is upset
who wouldn't be
the contents to the upended ashtray
strewn around the apartment
resemble the aftermath
of the smallest war
to ever take place in norfolk
some midnight thief
must've made off with the lighter
because it isn't in
any of your favorite spots
maybe you chucked it
along with a hundred other things
that make noise when they land
in the neighbors yard
you won't remember putting
the refrigerator's belongings
in the bathtub
or scrawling a buzzard
on the bedroom door
but then again who would
you'll pretend it's spring again
before putting on your winter coat
to go out front with a cigarette
in your mouth
you'll hope for a passing stranger
to *** a light from
or drag yourself to the corner
with couch cushion change
to buy a new lighter
and on your way
you won't bother looking back
this is just another day
on eggshells for no reason
another november
choking on birthday candles
on your way home
you step over beer cans
the kind you fell in love with
and wonder who
had the last laugh last night
or if anyone said a word at all
it might've been another
moment of clarity
it might have been some idiot savant
any adjective that feels like home
anything that keeps you thirsty
Mercedes Faust Nov 2014
i'm honestly not afraid of dying.
pieces of me die all the time.
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