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GoAA Apr 25
Leave the warm place of your sanctuary,
Leave the safe place that is your bed,
I want to taste your lips like a glass of sherry,
Burning under the lover’s every single word he said,
Remember and forget them, they will circle all round,
Fell that mystic pleasure, feel the magic bond,
Grab him in your thoughts, he is yours to take,
Do him in the way you want to, let him lay awake …
GoAA Apr 11
I will ****** you sincerely, with my trembling, filthy hands,
I will pull you down beneath me, no one us truly understands,
Push insanely, but freely in me, like you never could before,
Slide gracefully and firmly, like the ocean slides the wave to shore!
GoAA Apr 11
See me walking through the front yard, simple, humble as it gets,
Don’t expect me to produce heaven, when you have your own regrets,
And I will firmly walk through, the hedges of eternal green,
I will scratch my feet and pledges, I come simple as the sun spreads beams.
GoAA Apr 10
Scrape the moisture off the windows, seek the light in the dark,
That would be me coming to you, those are my car lights bright as spark,
Feel the emotions that condemn you, but feel them as your cosmic blast,
See me coming through the windows, see me come to stay, to last.
GoAA Apr 10
She just woke up from the dream she didn’t want to,
Barely opening her cute and swollen eyes,
She heard the sound of the alarm that broke through,
Her dreams, like skillful bunch of Russian spies,

Shaking, trebling, still disoriented, she stretched to stop that noise,
Slowly stretching in the semi-darkness, she broke the silence with her voice,
No word or sentence came out streaming, from her thirsty, soft and tender lips,
Just a sigh from what she saw standing on the display, that tickled down her warm, frail hips ….
GoAA Apr 10
Can you stop the flower blossom,
Can you stop the rain to drop,
Can you stop the leaves falling in autumn,
Can you stop the little corn to pop,

Can you stop the cloud from shaping, in oddly figures every day,
Can you stop the couple kissing, in the softness of the summer hay,
Can you stop the butterflies from breeding, beautiful as each one comes,
Can you stop the air from filling, our oxygen hungry lungs,

Can you stop the river braiding in a waterfall of no return,
Can you stop the birds from flying, following the horizon’s sun,
Can you stop the thunder striking, from the black sky above,
Can you stop yourself infecting with the little thing called love,

Can you stop the clock from spinning, arrows running forward in fast pace,
Can you stop the wife from grinning, looking at her late man’s face,
Can you stop the young man sinning, once he lost the light in his trace,
Can you stop the young woman singing, her pain away for a long-lost distant place?
GoAA Apr 10
Lock me in your dark bedroom like your ***** secret,
Chain me and start the ***** games you hide and play,
Strip me bare, rip my clothes completely,
I will scream my lungs out discretely, as if pain-enjoying hunted prey,

Bite my skin and kiss me, grab me with your strong male hands,
Place your head firmly, in the space between my shaking legs,
I will squeeze insanely, dizzy the leather handcuff bands,
And will feel your tongue go in me, you will only hear my wild begs,

Quench you thirst completely with the flooding rivers down my hips,
Drink like the desert wanderer, deeply, taste me on your burning lips,
Then break in me firmly, with your manhood, please, don’t wait,
Start and finish in me, seed the plants of a brand-new fate.
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