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Alaina 6d
I heard her screams again
the little girl next door
I offered to turn them in
but she insisted without them she'd be poor

So I left her in the house
that tried to take away her shine
I knew they treated her like a common mouse
how awful it was for her to face that firing line

And I was prepared for them to kick her
I knew they'd smack her face
eventually her bruises turned into one big blur
God, she was in the wrong place

But I thought she'd pull through
she always slept okay
Inside her dreams she flew
with her teddy bear by her side all the way

Without fail, every night
she crawled into bed and wept...
But in her sleep there was no fright
because next to her, her teddy bear slept

Then, one evening
I heard a horrid wail
Never so much screaming
I knew then, her spirit would fail

Turns out they took the bear...
of all the times I'd seen the child cry
This one held the most despair
it was worse than any black eye

I knew them to be mean
but never so evil
as to douse a child's comfort with kerosene
her heart was no stranger to upheaval

But this was cruel
what devil would think
to take her precious jewel
so she couldn't keep from going over the brink

They slapped her
They kicked her
They pushed her to the ground

then they took her bear
and I watched as her soul drowned
Alaina 6d
A bit of me wants to **** myself
A bit of me wants to live
A bit of me is happy
A bit of me is sad

All of my pieces
working with
and against each other
is creating a battle in my head
constant noise
war-sounds in my mind

And so I just want to be calm
and the calmest existence I know
is being nothing
and the best way to be nothing
is to be dead

so you see my dilemma
cause really I want to live
but I keep wondering
if it's worth the ruckus it causes
Alaina 7d
we'll climb the mountains
and set sail across the sea
forever happy
Alaina Feb 8
stranded in the ocean
i'm floating around
can't see any land
my feet crave the ground

i've been here for hours
baking in the sun
hoping there aren't any sharks
looking for some fun

there was a storm yesterday
the worst i've ever known
it sunk my boat
so now i'm floating all alone

i thought the storm was awful
little did i know
after the storm
there was no rainbow

just me out here
the "bad" part, i've been through
it wasn't the storm that hurt me
but after, wondering what i'll do
Alaina Feb 8
I am homesick
for your precious naughty smile that makes me giggle
and the way your lips softly kiss my hand while you're driving

I am homesick
for your warm innocent soul that could never speak a word of hate
and the way your arms hold me tight, no matter the occasion

I am homesick
for your maple brown eyes that shine in the light
and the way you look at me with love

I am homesick
for my love
and the way he loves me
Alaina Feb 3
my dad died when i was four
my mom left him
and he couldn't understand anything anymore
so he drank
and he forgot what was important
and he died

my mom died when i was four
she could no longer handle my dad's irresponsibility
so she left,
built a wall that nothing could get though
and she was in there so long that she couldn't feel anymore
and she died

my uncles were beaten
by their father
and one time he hit too hard
or smacked too rough
and they died

or maybe they didn't die
maybe my dad lives
when he sits down and watches a football game with his family

maybe my mom lives
when she helps her patient breathe on his own again
after trying for weeks

maybe my uncles live
when they sit down to eat with the family
and forget the drug problems and the fear of the past

maybe i have died
but i'm still living
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