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Gina 1d
I’m not perfect
See these cracks?
It mars my soul
That’s a fact
I am sorry
Don’t you see?
I want more
Than I can be
I can be bitter
Taste the wine
Remember things
I should leave behind
Broken record
On repeat
My mistakes
They haunt me
I try to fit
A puzzle piece
Crooked edges
Torn out seems
What does this world
Want from me?
I am a mother
Please don’t laugh
A solitary soldier
I do the best I can
I have no answers
Just what I feel
What’s the lesson?
What is real?
All these things
I shout
my mind is chaos
Let me out
Gina 1d
I’m a little wicked
I’m a little stuck
I have a sickness
And I don’t give a ****

I’m a little twisted
I’m a little lost
Waiting on some wishes
While I count the cost

I’m a little awkward
I’m a little wrong
Got to move on forward
Find where I belong
Gina 1d

How many ways to miss you how many times to cry?
How much pain must we feel how many questions why?
How many days have gone by, Since We last looked in your eyes?
Gina 1d
There was once a girl who didn’t fit in
She was lonely all the way up to her chin
She did have a sister
And often she missed her
It boggles the mind
How much trouble they’d find
And when they were together
It was always forever
Gina 1d
I thought i was a mistake
A little pill someone didn’t take
It once felt like no one gave a ****
But I am proud of who I am
My Daddy’s talents my mothers face
I want to live my life with grace
I’ve overcome a war within myself
Blessed to be me and no one else
Gina 1d
When your mind is your enemy
Who will rescue you and set you free

Pretty little pills all different colors
All those negative thoughts still hover

I’m clawing at these concrete walls
No one hears my screams my calls

Someone please let me out
Why do they not hear me shout????

The voices I hear them say
She’s not good enough today

I try, I try so hard
Here I am take my card

It’s me
Gina 1d
There’s something wrong with me
I have the sight but cannot see
You tried to show me the path
I got caught up in the math
Sun and moon and stars
I reach but they’re to far
Your soul is filled with light
Mine is dark like cryptonite
You sing your glorious song
I’m the one whose already wrong
I have a voice but cannot speak
The very air makes me weak
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