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Garry Jul 2017
There's a calm
That falls each  evening
As the day gives up its light
And with it
gently resting slumber
turns to sleep
& slowly
settles softly
To the rhythms
of the night

29th June 2017
Garry Jun 2017
Eaty eaty
Bitey bitey
Eat up. Ignore the zombies
at the door
Icecream sundaes
fresh pulled brains
I bet you'll all want more
Never enough Zombie poems.
Or maybe this is 1 too many
Garry Jun 2017
In the office
Softly sleeping
Harshly woken
Hearing meetings
Hearing everyone
in meetings
& while sleeping
I'd been dreaming
& my face
was really beaming
Cos while sleeping
I'd been dreaming
Of a freshly buttered scone

17th June 2017.
Written for a friend who fell asleep during a school morning briefing.
Garry Jun 2017
Money for the rich
With money from the poor
They're gonna keep on taking
Till we don't have any more

Then they’ll call us scrounging *******
& when we feel like ****
They'll make us grovel gratefully
For anything we get

They'll grind & grind & grind us down
& down & down & then
Feed us lies & propaganda
So we'll vote them in again.
Just a rant.  Sorry.  But the world, UK at least,  seems to be rushing half arsed further and further into inequality and injustice.  Oh well.
Garry Jun 2017
Furl the sails
Drop the lines
Drift gently
to the shore

Find peace in  the
placid twilight
&sail life's stormy seas
no more
From an idea on twitter at #TLPoetry
Garry Jun 2017
I have a little hobby
I keep it secret in my mind
but I think that I will tell you
Because you seem so kind

On sunny days I wander out
& take a little walk
I drop down to the village
& find someone to stalk

I really don’t mean any harm
I just watch them walk round town
until they get into their car
then I take the number down

I try & find out where they live
& if it’s not too far
I go and pay a visit
with something nasty in a jar

I pour it on their doorstep
In the middle of the night
then rattle all their windows
& give them such a fright

13th June 2017
A little bit of silly to brighten up my day.
Pupils at school think I'm  training to be a serial killer. A friend (?) in USA from here and Twitter suggested I'd  make a good stalker  so....
Garry Jun 2017
Stark edges of the skyline
Shades of grey against the blue
I’m capturing the mountains
And giving them
To you

But you say that you don’t want  them
Don’t need anything from me
& you toss them in the waste bin
But you still won’t set
Me free.
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