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Justanotherguy Sep 2016
Hi I am the toy
I am somimes motionless
Have a harden chest
Eyes are always open, never get to rest

One of my springs came out
I was moving funny without a doubt
Could bearely move certain parts of me and the spring
I didn't know what this was about
More and more came crashing to the floor
But I felt nothing in my core
I am a toy
I have no heart can't experience joy
And one day I was replaced with a decoy
It was a slap to the face
And I
Thought my future was laced

Each day I can feel my mind spliping as if at an edge
Someone tried to fix me but only manage to wedge, away the parts that were fine
I look at me body as if it was not mine
I asked my creator why give me a sign
The only sign i ever saw was the sign that was mine
The label I now know to be unstable
The lock and key was not a shock to me

I am a toy
But one toy I am
Justanotherguy Sep 2016
This is a story of a friend
And about how he met his end
I remember seeing he go
Everyone around him screaming no
I remember sitting there watching the 2008 election
We were all cheering, showing our affection
Then later that year, he was in some trouble
Suspended from school, education into rubble
So he started selling things and doing things that he shouldn't
He wanted to start over but he knew that he couldn’t
But one day he prayed to god
And what happened, kinda odd
He got a job and could afford to go to a different school
Everyone was proud ,and everything was cool
But one day he ran into a cop on the street
The cop shot him, took his life the collaboration of lead and heat
All because this young man was running down town
Because he liked to jog and sprint around
Boys 2 men that’s what we thought
they die until we fought
Stop the killing and the violence
Talk of peace and of kindness
We thought we were equal it isn’t quite done
The mission we will achieve for they killed another one

By :Ahmed Barrow

— The End —