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Albert Chokoe May 2019
I am just a boy with dreams,
Who keeps his eyes on the ball,
Cling to what is good and worthwhile
and work things out of fear of failure.

I am not cream of the crop,
I am not even bright but,
I just do wonders in the name of “I am capable”,
because poverty doesn’t excite me.

Pen by Albert Chokoe
Fearless Poet
Albert Chokoe Apr 2019
It is hard more than you may ruminate
living with disability,
a wheelchair to make a move,
white cane to ensure safety,
While on other hand,
kids jeer left and right but be
Proud as a peacock in your condition for you didn’t choose it.

People talk,
Some gawp,
Others giggle in your condition but it matters not
Keep your nose to the grindstone because
Fortune favours the bold.

Some of you thought of suicide,
some of you suffered depression,
some of you believed that you are not good enough,
with tears in your eyes, questions you asked yourselves,
how did this this happen?
why am I different?

Who are you to judge yourself?
If you could read my mind
You will see that in you, I see
A tycoon,
I see a winner in this journey of life
Get out of that cage of self-doubt and put one's shoulder to the wheel
Don’t throw in towel, remember
No arms, no legs Nick Vujicic conquered without an excuse

You can do it,
Believe in yourself,
No matter how hard it might be,
how painful it might look.
Don’t be too ******* yourself
Pull up your socks in that inflexible locus,
because every cloud has a silver lining,
Head up.
Lets support disabled people left and right, up and down
Albert Chokoe Apr 2019
I am me
I am a fighter
Knight in the shining armour
I am me

Poor or rich
Appealing or unattractive
I am me

Educated or illiterate
Clean or *****
I am me

Tall or short
Dark or white
Disabled or not
Hey, I am me

You may look down upon me
Hate me in a smile
But still
I am me

Six feet under, might be your wish towards me but
Like a seed I will come alive
Because I am me,
Unapologetic fearless paladin

Pen by Albert Chokoe
Albert Chokoe Feb 2019
Imagine being so eye candy.
Looking stylish,
with eyes on the prize
slaying with education
depending on no one.
What a sheer bliss!
Beauty with brains.
Albert Chokoe Jan 2019
Left and right
day and night
In the noble city of standards filled with different tribes,
blood can be shed in no time.

Innocent souls get mugged
as they are being incapacitated with some sort of weapons
by hooligans ambling all over the city to feed their tummies.

When the alarm rings!
It’s hard for me to wake up and get ready to go to work.
I snooze the alarm while meditating about how will I survive the city today.

I am afraid to walk in the city because it seems like
everyone’s life is at stake.
The city has been turned eerie by the rotten kids of the universe.

Oh God help us
It’s getting worse day by day.
Rotten kids in the city
Albert Chokoe Jan 2019
Pleasure or business!
let my mind decides
along my body
which voluntarily cease to keep calm.
My soul admits,
It's Friday friends.

Morning treats can corroborate,
Friday mid-afternoons are so gentle
jam-packed with positive anticipation of the weekend.
Let us go and enjoy.
It’s Friday friends.
Albert Chokoe Jan 2019
If I had a girl
I would be her Romeo
and she shall be my Juliet.
To the moon and back I would spoil her,
treasure every moment I spend with her,
till tears of joy drop down by her cheek.

If I had a girl
I would ensure the happiness in grief.
Take the bull by horns
for any situation of uneasiness towards her

If I had a girl
I would adore the tone of her voice
love the way her eyes coruscate
Smile every minute I hear my name
coming out from her lips and
forever be indebted to her.
only if I had a girl
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