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7th Nov 15
The roof was raised
I'd spend my days
Under the shade
Then one day fate
Led to a grave
The day turned blue
The mood was grey
No sun rays. Nay

All once was great
Now that remains
No more than a shame
And it's too late
There's been a break
These lands were brave
Then come to dismay
Have us start to pray
For better days

Silence for the greats
As we've piled up their graves
Lead the way through dismay
Learn and live. Do this I say

Wish to see another day
Live. Remember what's at stake
Give. To make it no matter what it's taken

Your spirit has awakened
Your soul and coffin've influenced
The bowels of Earth have shaken
We'll surely face it
Searching for the traces
Future generation
This land was once the greatest
Now look at what we've made it!

Have a happy life
7th Nov 15
It's nothing
None of my priority
No one comes join my party
Creating chemistry
Branching separately
My black and white knife
Leaving the heart tough
Assuming the wrong in procedure of life
I am creepy,
Of your daily activity

Hunting eiger to speak
No replying, rebating, shouting
God loves praying
Prisoners are ordered to be jailing
King makes tyrant
Me, toward adventure
Exploring your day in my literature

Spooky heart raises slowly into the bay
Vibrating the romans in one's ray
Rats climb our communication
Teachubg dwarf to finnish expectation
Labirynt handle love
Alone and still laugh

Till all is done
My mom needs reflexy
With one more ****'s
Creaming down the water
Boiled with a sachet coffe.

Have a happy life

— The End —