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Farook Suyarov Dec 2021
Whether I count places I've never been,
and friends I hadn't
it doesn't matter,
for as long as I live, I keep them forgetting.
Encounters I could have had,
romances I might have enjoyed,
- it's all a figment in the end,
wishful dream,
after all.
My heart is cold,
though sun is shining,
and I remember what you've told on the day of departing,
that I am ridiculously old,
and my jokes are disgusting,
then you left and said nothing,
but since I hadn't changed a bit,
and I am still discussing,
the subtleties of good and bad,
in my head,
the peculiarities I've never had,
and how you loved me undiscovered.
I wish I dreamt of you coming back
but the moment is never endless,
and no greater joy will heal me out,
cause my sickness
   - is my sadness.

Farook M.S.
Farook Suyarov Jul 2021
Find the one with compassion and not contempt, for a fellow man.
Who doesn't stand out or gives impression, just a simple man.
Whose talk is short and neat, but expressions tell you much.
Find someone, who will give in need, when others leave you behind.
Who doesn't ask pay for a good and love you for other things.
Find the one, who shares food and drink, as well as your weighty burden, despite the hardships and ease.
Seek the honest, though naïve, who doesn't cheat and steal.
And not the one, of high status, who will mock you in your grief.
He, who quite, doesn't brag and raise his self-esteem,
Find the humble, though courageous, who believe in the wildest dreams.
Farook Suyarov Apr 2021
The day was nice.
The sky was clear,
and the sun was rising above,
but I had a fear
of dark clouds approaching from a far distance,
as far as I can see them.
I thought,
I might loose this beautiful day from the doubt that shrouded my cheer,
that the hope isn't real,
and its fooling me into believing in the seeming future
of the day I am dreaming.
Then I thought again and had a peace,
for at least
I've seen the dawn and the glimpse of sunrise,
that will keep me going on,
despite the looming sadness of would be loss.
I am content with this moment,
and have no aspiration for things to come,
for I've lost the fear to hope,
and killed them both,
under the rising sun.
Farook Suyarov Jan 2021
This world is made for the heartless and insane,
who doesn't have compassion and feel no pain,
but for the thoughtful and wise,
who are conscious of divine,
its just a passing of time.
Farook Suyarov Dec 2020
Solemn abode of history unknown,
an abandoned house stands on its own,
with wearied walls and swinging shutters,
with dusty window panes and bended gutters.
It was a place of joy and now its in disaster,
with time hammering harder and faster.
No hope resides there,
only despair everlasting.
The spirit left it long ago,
leaving void and the shadows of its masters,
with old laughters still echoing the rooms,
celebrating hollowness they cant voice,
though their stories are vibrant as the colors of past days.
A sudden look will immerse its caster, in mysterious strands of memories,
pleading and asking.
Were the bygone days an illusion or reality?
Farook Suyarov Feb 2019
Let me love You like I do
with fragile heart and mind in blue,
with dewy dreams of me and You,
with my shortsighted view.
With awkward shyness,
that I woo
and all mistakes, that I do,
let me simply be true to You,
let me love You like I do.
Farook Suyarov Dec 2018
If i shall die,
I'll be alive, as never before.
The body,
this world, that i loved
wouldn't mean a thing,
no more.
Embodied in flesh, was i humble slave,
but set free,
I'll be a king,
‎once more.

Words won't upset me
‎as touches cannot reach.
There won't be a need to define ‎the feelings
‎in awkward shapes of speech,
for a time to ‎cater to someone,
‎keeping the promise,
‎trying to please.

Your lovely face will turn into shadow,
‎devoid of features
‎and traces blurred.
I'll soon forget its lines and furrows,
‎that once set me wild,
‎pressed to my lips.
I will miss them soon,
‎but I'll forget.

Scattered to pieces,
I'll invade the existence,
like shards of glass stuck in the teared eyes.
I'll become nothing and everything
that listens
to permeating sound of helpless cries.

Call for me at nights with that silent howl.
Put me in the dreams,
that may come true.
Look through the clouds and rain,
that may follow
for a glimpse of hope,
that I am somehow with you.
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