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Far Jun 24
Sniff;  sniff

The butterscotch scent of garlic bread
The petrichor of the afternoon rain
The lively onlookers of the Indian streets
The party crowds of Berlin

The homeliness of your arms
The comfort of your hair against my skin
The slathering of your affections on me
The hot-blooded push of my lips against yours

The flush of your face through the winter
The gleam of your snowy, pink skin
The universe you keep hidden in your eyes
The galaxy in your words, the soft chuckles

The battles we have, we rush in together
Through senescence, we keep our passion
Intertwined, we lie in a bed of lilies and lavender
If we disappear, we disappear together.
Far Jun 16
My skin turned a lunar white
Under the chartreuse-colored leaves
Cedar trees, Catching light—little glimpses of green

An overbearing grayish tone slathered the sky.

I took a few muddy steps forward,
Followed by a few more
and a;               few more.

My hair glistened under the subtle moonlight,
                     it hung loose
perfumed with the sweet scent of monsoon rain.

She held my hand, entangled my fingers with her own
The moonlight, showered our skin soft in tandem
The taste of her lips were like a sweet chai tea
A little sugar cube, sinking underneath

Collywobbles filled my stomach
A thud could be heard; escaping my chest
With each touch, my eyes-     lit up

I’m lost in you
Far Jun 7
My elfin body, lies here brittle and frail
The sunlight showers over my soft skin
As though a disabled mother caresses her child
It is.. a compassionate, but undertaking movement

In a clement exhibit of gentleness
It skips through the single fragrant leaves
With a certain whimsy, bounce after bounce.

The soil begins to slather itself upon my arms
Like an angry populace, belittling a mischievous thief
The rustle of the wooden shovel continues to grow louder
My luminous morbid eyes are smothered by the Earth itself

They are shut.

The ground I once stepped foot on, has now overtaken me
This Mother Earth, the one I cherished and fed off heartily
For once I believed this life would be endless, everlasting
Yet I have succumbed to the misery of living, the final stage

Am I lost?
Far May 26
Followed by a sudden flash of lightning
Is a roar of thunder

It rumbles your chest, your very soul
Your heart goes down under

It shakes you, your very foundation
The world is put to slumber

Shock Wave
Far May 21
Each consequent step has misdirected me
Each glance at another is prideful
Each hand that I hold hurts

The star-slathered sky covets my sight
The trees dance to the beat of the wind
The roads glisten with the sight of rain

The wind is music to my ears
The moon is out, at least it loves me
The pen I hold, it has never betrayed me

Only you have
Far May 17
I like it,
A simple ant,
The tall trees,
The fine Grass,

The sheep.
The shepherd.
The creature who lasts.

All the simplest things in life,
I like it.

Beep Boop.
A charming, whimsical poem written about the most simplest things in life and how much they are appreciated in such a complex world.
Far May 17
Why do you appear once in a full moon?

I seek your essence.
Your acknowledgement of my existence.

Restless as I am, I feel incapable.
Incapable of performing simple tasks.

Yet while I feel restless,
I do not look for occupations for my pain provider.

So tell me champion.

Why do you appear once in a full moon?
Do not remain silent,
for I do not have the patience anymore.

Without you,

I am but one part of the whole world.

An incomplete picture.
A failed illustration.

I fill this void with a liquid.
My boat is sinking, please help?

Yet I do not hear voices.
For you are not there,

Champion of my dreams
This poem investigates some slightly darker themes and is abstract in its intepretation.
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