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Ezre Holland Apr 2019
If only my endless words, my versus of poetry,
my sad encyclopedia could heal this wound,
but letters and spaces don't thread needles,
don't wrap bandages,
don't pop pills.
Ezre Holland Jan 2019
Sometimes you forget how to write,
Not because you don't know how,
But because sometimes
Just sometimes
Your Okay
Ezre Holland Sep 2018
Small who? Me? No?
Large you? No! Me!
I’m not your large but I am large.
Large in some sense and some in not
Large in the wrong ways
But small no
Small in no ways

Large who? Me? No!
Small me? No! You!
I’m not your small but I am small.
Small in some sense and some in not
Small in the wrong ways
But large no
Large in no ways

Hips too big to small
Lips two pencils
*** two pancakes
*** too many pancakes
Head too big for large
Thighs too little for small
Large too big for little
Little not little enough

Too fat
Too thick
Too small
Too thin
Too confident
Too shy
Too brave to not give a ****

Small? Me? Yes?
Large? Me? Yes?
Ezre Holland Apr 2017
I would cut out my heart,
To give you one more beat,
I would cut off my ear,
To give you one last song,
I would cut out my stomach,
To give you one last taste
Of life
I would cut out my lung,
So you could breathe in our country air,
I would cut out my pancreas
to replace yours.

To give you everything back.

I would cut out me from my life scrap book
And weld your picture to each and every page
To let you see the ending of the story...

I would die.
To give you life.
I would die.
So you didn't have to.

If I could.
Ezre Holland Sep 2016
Dear Future Ez,

kind, calm, gentle Ez,
look back at the way you are feeling
right now,
on this empty train with your headphones in,
no care for anything else.
Now take that feeling and swallow it so it can flow to your heart.

Life is good.
Life is hard,
Life will always be hard Ez,
But it's not like you don't know that already,
Embrace it.
But know...

He would be proud.
So proud of you,
of big, old, kind Ez.

He is here. Here.

There are people who love you, Ez, let them love you.

Be careful, be safe, be proud.

Because Life is great.
Ezre Holland Aug 2016
Sat there.
In that moment.
Saying in my love riddled head,
i'm gonna write poetry about this one moment.

Now that I'm here.
Words aren't good enough.

This is for me,
in my love ridden head,
comfortably sat in that special place.
Made specifically for you.
Just sat there.
Ezre Holland Jun 2016
Give me two seconds of your day
because I love to just look at you,
even if it's just for one moment
and when you look back, I hope that you
look at me and feel the same thing.

Give me two minutes of your day,
To read this poem and realise
I'm not good with words.
To show you that my definition of the word 'world' begins with you.

Give me two hours of your day
So we can talk endlessly,
With a coffee on the table that's turned cold
Because your voice is my distraction.

Give me two seconds of your day
To smile and stare at you and cherish you,
As though every dream I've had since you is a supernova amongst a dark void of black holes.
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