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Ashlynn May 2021
Make me feel something
Free me from this glass case
And waken me
Wake me from the tips of my feet
To my fingertips
And free my lips to speak
And relax the smile always on my face
I'm not supposed to feel happy
All the time
Fix my cheeks, which are stained
With tears, that caused great faults
To break open under my eyes
Waken my eyes, which haven't closed
In so long
And make me realize that I am here
I am here, aren't I?
I want to sweat, I want to shiver
I want to laugh, but I want to cry
There's no more time
The dust is rising, my stand is slipping
Free me, please
Wake me from my numb slumber,
Let me see more than what I've been
Looking at forever
Wake me
Ashlynn May 2021
A bird that flies
Is a moment spent feeling
Air on the back of its wings
And water spraying from the
Ocean far below
And trees that grow and change
With grasses reaching far above
And birds that join one
Become two, and three
And flocking through the
Orange skies
Becomes a dream, a soft
Calling of the night energy
Surrounded by friends
And the moon rises
Slowly, making darkness
Seep into the bones
Of every bird, as they lay
Down for the night
To wait for the sun to rise
Ashlynn May 2021
I am insecurity encased in a sheer fold of confidence
The fetal state of vulnerability
I am the shield that never seems to bend, yet is always in the forge
Holding strong for every life behind it

I am Jean Grey, the phoenix, losing her temper
Destruction incarnate
I am a book whose pages are fermenting, emitting odor so sweet
A story to be told and bounded by the pulchritude of fear

I am defined by nothing as, "A definition excludes the possibility for change."
And "We are only a moment," so make that moment last
I am kindness, brutal honestly, pride
With change and without
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