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Elaine Sagun Jan 2017
You can act like who you really are,
Hide no bruises when you aren't really far,
Show him or her your bleeding scars,
And an apologizing heart when you are in wars.

A temporary pillow when in need,
Such carefulness right indeed.
You who never showed such great greed.
You who've planted me these smiling seeds.

A funny play you share when I'm blue.
You who give me those funny clues,
Pushing me to my crush when the distance is few,
But who I love is actually you...
Elaine Sagun Jan 2017
I kneel down on the floor,
I scream and cry
Slit my wrist and say, "I want to die"

I tried to drink some pills,
and wish I'd never wake,
but you whispered in my ears,
and said "You have to live..."

— The End —