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Sometimes I feel like a broken object in the store that everyone sees, but never picks up.
Often times I have unrealistic hopes that the reflection in the mirror won’t be me, but there I am.
My eyes fixate on what I hate most and I allow myself to validate that.
“I would love my body if...”
“If only I could change...”
If only I were invisible.
I know how it feels to lose hope. To not be able to see a way out. Please don’t give up. I’m here and I love you.
Sometimes we get angry over what one cannot understand, wondering how far must I go for you to see I am not okay.
Those thoughts can consume you.
There aren’t many people in this world who won’t face some sort of emotional trauma in their life time but it’s hard not to question whether or not that small amount of people are lucky for it.
I’m proud of the wisdom I’ve gained through my experiences but if you were to look at me would you think it’s too much?
I feel like I’ve grown but at the same time it’s like once one thing get better, another falls apart.
What is it like to be “normal”?
I feel not being able to cry almost makes things worst sometimes.
  Jan 2020 Elizabeth Christian
Jena T
If I could wipe your tears,
If I could bring you peace,
Know I would
If I could silence the screams,
If I could face your fears,
Know I would.
But tonight, while the moon lights
I'll drink your sins,
I'll grip your hand so you don't fall,
Know I will
I'll push the demons away,
I'll stay with you,
Know I will.
Tonight my friend I'll keep company with you down the twisted way.
A promise I've made to any I call friend.
I am tired, exhausted.
I think and I think until there is nothing left to feel because my mind has become so blank
I am empty.
I am lost.
How long do I have to keep living through this?
I wish it were okay to just let go.
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