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emzee Jan 16
No one will know.
They will never know.
You, you can search deep,
I bet you will never know.

The pain will fade,
The scars remains.
The scars in deep.
Deeper than it looks.

What comes out,
The exotic trait.
Nobody will find out
His inner state.

Search deep and deep and deep.
Youll never know.
Let him shout. Let him stress down.
Let him talk. You will listen.
emzee Jan 13
I dont wanna learn from my mistakes,
I wanna learn not to make any.
emzee Jan 12
Put your faith,
Give your hand.
Hand by hand ,he may rebuild.
You never know….

Fallen past before ?
Everybody do fall.
May fall again for the same.
You never know….

Not again,
If he holds your hand.
Hand by hand, HE WILL REBUILD.
You never know….
emzee Nov 2022
Hey you naive,
More to learn.
How you behave.
Is yet to earn.

Run you run hard.
Let your toes up.
Looking back is hard.
It never level you up.

You’ll finish one day
thus the mob will say.
The scratches she owned.
The scratches she earned.

Hey you brave.
No more to learn.
Well you behave.
It’s  earned..
emzee Oct 2022
In love again dear?
You’ll never learn I fear.

Still,I can see the wound
That hurts you beyond.
Stitches here and there
Sure you are unaware.

In love again dear?
You’ll never learn I fear.
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