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Mar 2015 · 372
Duke Dranko Mar 2015
Did you ever cut your skin? Not just the surface but the layers under nether. The important stuff. Whell if you haven't it's kinda scary. You know it's ganna be bad because it didn't start bleeding yet. I have a stabb wound in the middle of my hand. My whole hand is swollen. I can't move my fingers and inch by inch my pigment is turning black with shades of purple and red. It reminds me of a darkest sunrise, the way the clouds hold liquid colors that no one has been able to recreate such beauty. My hand hurts ... Bad but you know what really hurts haveing someone you thought cared treat you like ****. someone that made you feel like it was ok for once but then turns into pain that doesn't feel like a knife It doesn't feel the a stabb but it feels the the biggest stabb in the back. I'm not the same person you once know there's a lot of **** that has changed and no it's not for the better you should be scared because the stabb wound in my hand hurts but I don't mine it... I can barly move it and it doesn't bother me. I'd rather be stabbed in the hand and take injury to me body than take your ******* **** and a famous pop punk band once said "we are never ganna be the same again, burry me I'm not your friend."
Mar 2015 · 806
Duke Dranko Mar 2015
One Mississippi two Mississippi three Mississippi four Mississippi five Mississippi six Mississippi seven Mississippi eight Mississippi nine Mississippi ten
She looks at the wall and laughs there's nothing there, and I wonder what's so funny as I lean against the wall with my hands folded in front of me trying to stay calm counting one Mississippi two Mississippi she continues to walk around the octagon starring at her feet with wide eyes as they land on the outer edge where carpet meets fake wood floors. The nurse is patiently waiting so am I my heart is racing I'm scared very scared but not this patient she seemed happy but the kind of happy that you know isn't right.
Her grin is big her blown eyes are so wide and empty she has pasted me 11 times before she stops to ask
"Why are you here did you try to **** yourself too?"

— The End —