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David Vincent Sep 2017
I was summoned for a task,
the purpose I did not ask.
A voice from within
said question not, just begin,
and the journey void of time and space,
would usher my spirit to a higher place.

I must confess to all who would hear,
a journey void of a map I most certainly fear.
To know not its breadth or scope
nor the challenges to endure and cope.

Delay me not, commence I must,
with an open mind and a will to trust.
Should I discover the fountain of youth,
some new wisdom, or ageless truth?

My feet became light as I started to dream.
Images changed and were not as they seemed.
As free as a bird, I began to soar,
then if by some magic, appeared a door.

It opened slowly as I travelled near.
I stepped through though I know not where.
A voice said “to leave the age of man”,
I must close my eyes and hold out my hand.

I offered my hand with little sight.
Fear sat in with the absence of light.
I began to tremble, and my hands grew cold,
but I listened closely to do as told.

As the wind rushed across my face,
I knew we were destined a new place.
My hand was held with such strength and might,
the world faded smaller and vanished from sight.

We came to rest on a long white ledge.
My heart raced as I stepped to the edge.
My hand released, fell to my side.
and with a push I began to fly.

As I soared above, I saw many scenes,
filled with famine, war, and terrible things.
Suddenly out of breath, I gasped for air.
The burden too immense for me to bare.

With great sadness, I started to cry.
My feet grew heavy, I could not fly.
I began to slide down a steep *****,
when a hand grabbed mine and offered me hope.

It pulled with such strength and might
as the long white ledge came back into sight.
As I stood there, I discovered wonderful things,
such as love, hope, and beautiful beings.

My feet became light as I started to dream.
Images changed and were not as they seemed.
I held out my hand, then closed my eyes.
I stepped to the edge and began to fly.
David Vincent Sep 2017
“It is the lives we encounter that make life worth living.”
-Guy de Maupassant

The lessons I've learned
some granted, some earned,
befell upon my soul
many in parts, some in whole.

And the paths that I sought
were simply thought.
T’was not my task
to question, but to ask.

With great wisdom to impart,
the sage spoke of his heart.
And how it grew in the sun,
as he watched the river run.

The carpenter’s will
was to hone his skill
by observing his peers
throughout the years.

The healer cured the ill
through holistic means, not a pill.
For the body will never grow
if you treat it, but ignore the soul.

The banker loaned this advice
Spend once, but save twice.    
That to earn your day of leisure,
work comes before pleasure.

The peasant had no riches to give,
materials to offer or home to live.
But she spoke of another time and place
one of honor, love and grace.

The farmer’s hand
was blessed by the land.
Whose gifts were fruits grown
from tiny seeds sown.

With the utmost diligence and care,
I chronicled these affairs.
My notebook, weathered and worn,
frayed about the edges and slightly torn.

In the distance, a faint light
grew closer and became very bright.  
A ringing sound filled my ear,
becoming so loud I could not hear.

The clouds started to twist and bend,
my life had come to an end.
The notebook fell from my hand,
my pen dropped and lodged in the sand.

Then came a gentle whisper in my ear
so soft a voice, yet very clear.
She said “What is important is what you left behind.
For those that never search, never will find!”
David Vincent Sep 2017
A vision in the night
was bound to take its toll.
I struggled to awake
before it took my soul.

I stood before my window
in utter quiet and fear.
A breeze blew my candle light
Something was in the air.

It was tall and dark
the moon revealed its form.
My heart thumped in my chest
the air damp and warm.

“What are you?”, I asked.
My voice sounded foreign.
“I’ve come to reveal
the reason you were born.

“Come sit in my shadow
and listen to a tale
about a lucky man, whom
many fortunes have fell.

T’is not about the money
or the blessings you’ve known,
but about your Tree of Life
and how it has not grown.

Once a mere sapling
so young and carefree.
Full of hope and promise
the sky your destiny.

The sun graced your presence.
Rain danced on your leaves.
But you squandered opportunity
and spread disbelief.

So heed my words of last.
The seasons come and go.
Provide shade and shelter,
by your fruits they will know.”

A tear rolled down my face
as I looked around to see.
The moon revealed the form
that was a beautiful tree.
David Vincent Sep 2017
In the brisk morning air,
the forecast but fair,
we set our sails to sea.
A fisherman’s wage,
the crew half my age,
and we numbered ten and three.

We sailed east then north,
our normal course,
the sun not casting a shadow.
To catch our keep,
before we sleep.
and return a full ship’s hollow.

The day passed long,
through labour and song,
the last net a full bounty.
In the waning light,
a flash caught my sight,
and the skies were grey and cloudy.

Beneath moss and sand,
wrapped in a golden band,
a beautiful locket to see.
I opened with care,
and began to stare,
at the name of Lorelei.

Fishermen on sea and shore
know well the lore,
that surrounds the name of Lorelei.
She can do no wrong,
with her beautiful song,
the maiden Lorelei.

An enchanting mist,
a gentle kiss,
can forever this be?
Her luring call,
that entices all,
the maiden Lorelei.

Her breath a gale,
that filled the sails,
our ship against the sea.
A swirling pool,
a cast of fools,
to put our trust in thee!

The wind left our sails,
a melodic spell,
bound forever at sea.
She can do no wrong,
with her beautiful song,
the maiden Lorelei.

Lorelei is a feminine water spirit rumored to send sailors to their death with her beautiful singing voice.

— The End —