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Let me paint you a picture.
Of colors of a darkened pastel.
One of a more morose nature.
I walk down a winding wood in a bleak moonlit night.
An ebon veil encasing all in its reach.
Lightless accompanied by a sullen silence.
Cold winds with increasing volume and force.
It chills me to the bone bitter and biting.
I fall to my knees the pain unbearable.
How can such a place exist.
A prison within my own head.
A place so dark so sad is it my own creation.
Do the trees imitate a life with no growth.
I shudder at the thought.
What have i done?
Why do i sustain this nightmare?
The torment continues.
As a Shakespearean play composed by inner demons.
Each actor a piece of my soul.
Thier lines written by choices made.
They play on no curtain call in sight.
Death begins to seem a sweet release.
So easy to feel in such morbid manner.
I can imagine the knife striking deep.
Flesh and blood such feeble constructs.
Can I hold on?
Shall i escape the madness within?
Or fall forever to its seemingly eternal grasp?
Wake up! Wake up! I cry out
A light in the distance a vivid sound follows.
I awake to a golden dawn the suns warm glow.
And live on another day.
Till next I sleep and nightmares play begins anew.
Who am i? Am I the person I see in the mirror.
The person I see in my dreams.
Or am i the person everyone else views.
I know not. Can you tell me?
Can you show me the beauty that others only see?
Or is all lost in translation a painting lacking color.
Emotions like a raging river flowing on and on.
Beating against the rocks battering breaking.
Oh how I long. Long for a simple touch.
To feel the warmth of gentle embrace.
Anything but the cold void etched so deep in my veins.
I cry out! But alas only silence greets my call.
So do I wander in hopes that the light will find me?
I regress maybe it's the loneliness talking.
Oh how I've sunk living in search of something unkown.
Unknown to me. What is it? Why can't I remember?
To be loved. To be admired. To see my self in stary eyes.
To feel another beat against this frail aching heart.
To know this person others greet that i do not.
Who am i?
Still learning would be happy to accept any and all comments or criticism
The huntress prowls step by step
Silent as the moon moving across the heavens
Moving through the trees searching for prey
Her only thoughts are on the hunt the moment
Skillfully she moves as if a beast herself
Leaping crawling each step planned and laid bare
Time moves on the night begins to fall
I must hurry she begins to thinks to herself
Then out of the brush appears a pure beast
Eyes fierce blended with rage and determination
He stands proud and tall a regal nature
Cloaked in solid fur colored by ebon skies
They lock eyes the exchange so intense
The huntress does not back down to fear
No matter how hard the beast may press
Nor does she draw to reap breath from foe
This beast this wolf of deepest night
She is lost in his form and his eyes
Bonds are born on much stranger tides
Her thoughts as his are as equals
Like two generals locked in a stalemate neither to budge
Time seems to come to a halt motionless they remain
Waiting for a sign from the other anything
Then as if fate itself had laid the story in the beginning
The ebon wolf bows to the huntress
She is amazed and returns in kind
Both her and the beast twins in thought
Matched strength pride and sense of nature
A bond to outlast the heavens and more
The huntress and the wolf
With thine pen in hand and clean slate before me
I set out to pen a world into existence
But where to start where do i begin
Do i sail into the ocean's vast
Bleeding blue into the hearts of those who brave her wrath
Or shall i head to the skies as a bird
Free majestic a symbol of openness and wonder
Shall i trail on and on till point drives the subconscious
Or let the honned edge fall and let word cut thought
The choices are many a legion of stories to tell
A series of pictures to paint for wanting eyes to observe
Feelings to portray in vivid detail and manner
But not mine no not mine at all
The feeling should peel from word and feed the reader
Nourishing their own thought as they lose themselves to my creation
My words hold meaning only to those who dive to their depths
Cast from the heavens and
Fallen from grace
The angel cries heading to unhallwoed ground
Left to thoughts of how and why
What have i done to be cast from the heavens
The angel cant help but to wonder
As the cold dark ground creeps ever closer
Still lost in lucid thoughts of unknown origin
Tears lifting from cheek as if returning to the gods
She prays that she may be lifted and spared
So she may yet return to grace and sheltered arms
Her tears increase her heart heavy from burden
Still wondering why the reason escape thought
Pushed from the heavens
As if a baby bird pushed from the nest
The hardest lessons cant be explained  
The sudden realization overwhelms her
As a smile washes over her face warm and vivid
The air shimmers with goldy glow so bright
The angel archs and wings sprout forth
She shouts out to the gods i shall rise again
Filled with purpose and fervor a new strength found
She ascends to return home singing praise to the teacher
A lesson she will not soon forget
Even those born without wings can grow and fly
A small push of faith and trust can move mountains
Trust in yourself never give up and rise
Joshua Morrison Aug 2018
Water free pure the ever flowing wave
Emotions come and go never to be saved
Mist laid woods of oaken halls
The clouds begin to sink the rain falls

The air now turns and volumes increase
Blowing limb from tree none shall cease
Spinning and turning life upside down
The forest does dance all around

The earth stands firm as mountains gaze
Water and wind shall never raze
The stone looks and mocks hells storm
For what is the rock the root the norm

Lightning strikes now fires do swell
Of life and death the truth all tell
It burns and rages through rock and wood
But alas the inferno in awe is good

Now spirit arise as the circle complete
The elements combine truly majestic feat
The mesh and grow feeding divine light
The spirit to beckon the gods wrath and might

Fire and air to feed the warring
Water and earth to make the story last
Spirit to thine own self be true
The story now ends and life anew
Joshua Morrison Aug 2018
The lone wolf cries
Howling at the moon
Basking in still grace
Emotions a monsoon

Lost in two halves
Change a certainty
The fool's hand laid
For all eternity

The chaotic mind rise
As ambition calls
To masquerade
Through golden halls

Not woman nor man
Form of minds eye
See what you see
Painting souls sky

From grace fallen
Never to arise
The heart falters
Bleak are souls skies

Lover to watch
Yet not embrace
Stones cold touch
Rage now with face

The Heart will beat
To wars drum
After time in void
And the pitied ***

heart of sorrow
Pain without rest
Beast in it's cage
The trickster knows best

Even coiled in chains grip
The mind remains true
To break the dreams
Of those proud few

Into minds blank space
The black sacrament
Springs forth the story
Of Loki' s lament
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