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Damadre Sep 2020
U r
The right words will never find me while
I search for ways to describe them
humility and honesty
are all they leave behind them
there’s a certain look in their eyes
I know they’ll see their vision through I admire you from afar but my friend who are you?
Damadre Aug 2020
Let me explain
Or rather let me not
The best advice from a friend
How far would you go
How long would you travel
To ensure your perfect scene never ends
Damadre Aug 2020
I’m not much of a poet but I do enjoy art
I guess that’s a good place to start
My faith in my dreams and aspirations will never fade
no matter the feelings of doubt and jade  
Eye want to see her as Eye see myself  
an honest expression of god’s divinity
but as long as we battle our egos..
I will always be seen as the enemy

— The End —