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Josh Schrader Jul 2021
Searching, scattered.
Broken, shattered.
Floating debris in an angry ocean.

Medicate, obliterate,
Facilitate prideful hate.
Counterfeit reality, fleeting in motion.

Intolerance, slavery,
Damnation of bravery.
Ego-driven exchange, seems to be the notion.

Betray and conspire,
Jump in the fire.
The mask of foster, neglects true emotion.

Complacent, denial,
Appeasing the vile.
Pat on the head: "Good Dog..." Devotion!

Gluttons acquire,
The bigot empire.
An Icarus fate, will be dealt by the sun.

Add and subtract, obscure the equation.
Media diversion = systematic persuasion.

Branded by fear we await "The Explosion".
But looking out and not in, ensures death by implosion.
This is a re-post because it seems the media is even worse now. Or maybe I just pay them to much attention.
Josh Schrader Jul 2021
I’d rather sleep when it’s sunny
And wake when it rains
I’d rather trade all my new clothes
For the ones already stained
I’d rather watch people from a distance
Than get in their way
And I’d rather be the one leaving
So all others could stay

Take air from my lungs
And give flight to the birds
Take sight from my eyes
And leave me with words
Take dreams from my heart
Contentment to bleed
But leave all of your nightmares
They are safer with me
Josh Schrader Feb 2017
Pain is not currency.
Do not forget.
Experience does not make you better,
Only accountable for what you beget.

Write of your struggles,
Triumphs and creeds.
But it makes you not better
Than those that can't read.

Perception is everything,
Whether man or a beast.
A sprout within famine
Can become a fine feast.
Josh Schrader Oct 2016
Grasping and pulling
panic... free-falling
rope's end
. . .   _ _ _   . . .
Enter acceleration's equilibrium.
sailing away from our sun
voided to one
no one,
. . .   _ _ _   . . .
Into the bleakness
feeling the weakness
where am I?
. . .   _ _ _   . . .
Collisions averted
life has diverted
within a vacuum
. . .   _ _ _   . . .
Limited improvement
I must wait for a movement
ultimate struggle
. . .   _ _ _   . . .
Up, down, forward and back
every way, into the black
frequency static
. . .   _ _ _   . . .
Lifeless bodies must come to rest
with hope for another crest
no more questions
. . .   _ _ _   . . .
Eternal night... into depravity
familiar pull of Earth's gravity
signing off

. . .   _ _ _
Josh Schrader Sep 2016
I want to express my deepest sympathy 
For the little girl you lost inside
She used to be so forthcoming 
With such self worth and pride. 
Slowly tortured for years on end 
By strangers, herself and even friends 
She eventually decided to just walk away 
She wasn't meant for this earthly decay 
But in her withered oppressed soil 
She grew another that was rich as oil
Rich in joy and sent from above 
So small and fragile -Full of undeniable love. 
She grew from her mothers sorrow and pain 
Ready to grow strong and able to sustain
She breathes life into her moms tragedy 
But only ones close to her can see
How truly precious this baby came to be
She looks at her mom with unspoken words and says "with my deepest sympathy".
This is not my poem. My wife wrote it because she was inspired to do so by reading through HP. Thank you all for inspiring both my wife and I!
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