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Dominique Simeus Nov 2018
Day versus night and hope versus despair
Born to live, live to die, die to relive
Came from the last, fear not this world of care
While striving towards the life yet unlive’

Autumn leaves must fall, undone is the past
Unfading scents, frozen hearts come to life
Hope’s ocean turns the tide of love to last
Be the heroes of time as in the strife

Fate has no beginning and yet no end
But still the souls heedlessly await her
Behind the curtain haze sets to descend
A sweet thereafter or endless torture

Time stops at nothing, but it dies for love
And memories forever share thereof
Dominique Simeus Sep 2017
Troubled, tired and did not know what to do
Confused about religion and promises of this world
Looked for answers for my dying soul 'cause I felt so blue
Like someone stepping out a sphere that had been just twirled

Loud I cried, but no words could come out
In the midst of the crowd, was nothing but a Ghost
Driven by misery, I found myself on the lonely route
Burned by the sun like someone who had made a roast

No strength left, I felt face down on the sand
Nothing but silence I heard, thought I was travelling to the other world
Then I felt as if the Living Light took me by the hand
Whispered into my ears “…It’s time to unfold”

Freedom I sensed, life became anew
Courage I gained, my mind was at ease
Peace I found, I felt so true
I deprived of it all to be led by the Breeze
Dominique Simeus Sep 2017
Take me to that place
Where people are worried free
Fills with abundant grace
And everyone is longed to be

Take me to that place
Where love is in the air
By the look of the people embrace
A load I can seem to bear

Take me to that place
Where things are so hectic
Loneliness a complete disgrace
Like individuals who have been epileptic

Take me to that place
Full with ocean view
Romance is of the human race
Side by side they walk by two

Take me to that place
With ancient monuments everywhere
Feeds some with great knowledge base
And back in time to their ancestors' layer

That's the place I tell the world
Quenches one's thirst like waterfall
Apart it's to be hurled
On top of a cliff, down to a great fall

— The End —