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Jul 2014 · 917
Cluttered Mind
Denzil Greene Jul 2014
My mind is cluttered with unwanted
thoughts and memories that trouble me, leaving me without a place to escape.
My mind which was once my safe haven, is now a corrupt and unpleasant place to be.
Mar 2014 · 986
Have You Ever
Denzil Greene Mar 2014
Have you ever taken the time to sit back & think about life? The ups and downs, the struggle, the pain. The heartache & despair  
Have you ever laid in the grass and looked beautiful the night sky & if there was a place for you out there in the stars.
Have you ever felt abandoned? Like there's no one there to listen to you. No one to help you. No one to comfort you when you're in pain. No one to talk to. Or no one that understands you.
Have you ever felt trapped in your own mind? That the troubles in your life bother you even in your sleep & you can't seem to escape from them.
Have you ever lost someone special to you? Someone who you needed & thought that "if only they were here, my life would be easier."
Have you ever felt so drained, emotionally & spiritually? Like nothing seems to go your way. And it feels like even God has deserted you.
Have you ever felt so stressed that you drop everything & isolate yourself trying to escape your problems?
Have you ever broke down, because you tried to hold so much in & the gravity of your own thoughts start to weigh you down?
Have you ever..burst out in rage, not because you're angry but because there's so much held inside you?
Have you ever been asked "what's wrong?" But there's so much wrong that you don't know where to begin........Have you ever?

— The End —