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Emma Hailey Feb 2019
An undying source of witchcraft
Known to man as a plague-
A soul cannot escape from its grasp.
A dying curse slowly,
devouring my heart.
cursing me
for vengeance.
And making me feel
I am alone.
Emma Hailey Jan 2019
Another new episode of my favorite show-
My favorite character glistening near the sparkling cherry blossoms.
Light-hearted, as expected from the protagonist.
When life goes down, she was either naive or optimistic.

As little flowers bloomed in spring, her heart bring a pastel light.
Near the lake of grievance, the flowers color the most beautiful shade of pink.
Her little friends surround her-
Giving their hugs and kisses one more time.

Ringing soft chime bells around her dress,
Sitting next into a big rock.
Watching the eternal flow of cherry blossoms
Caressing her face and hair.

She was too precious.
Too bad, it was the last episode.
Finally our exams are done. This poem is what I made when I was watching the last episode of my favorite anime. Korosensei, don't leave me....
Emma Hailey Dec 2018
I am here in a room
There are mysterious creatures roaming
They were laughing and playing
So far these are only illusions
Illusions that I created

I came in a reality
There were no bright lights blinding my eyes
Finally a tulip blooming in August
There was only darkness
And the moon and the stars are only with me

Perhaps I must fall into the ocean...

Blinding my eyes when it was necessary...

Did he like his practices?

I'm tired of injecting nonsense in my head turning my body too cold.
Emma Hailey Dec 2018
It is midnight in the middle of the unknown
I was wandering, finding my home
In this vast land of nothing
My energy drowned so does my car.

I wanted to feel alive again
Little by little I feel someone looking at me
Intensely, wanting to hide me in this world.
Unexpectedly, this gas station came out of nowhere.
Because of my tiredness, I didn't felt something was wrong.

That gas station was a trap.
A fake checkpoint in your life that never resets.
A boss battle with the devil himself.
The gas station was a home, to say the least.
Emma Hailey Oct 2018
A creature with an unfamiliar sight,
Wandering across the neighborhood.
Everyone is afraid or disgusted...
I hid, peeking in a tiny hole who was around.

The alien everybody saw was nothing compared to my vision...
It never did anything it was described.
It brought out the best inside.
But nobody cared for he was an alien outside.

No matter what he's suffering,
I'm limited to only look in this tiny hole...
Trying to reach him as far as I could.
Will I learn to love myself again?

Unexpectedly, he was the one
The one that went up to me and said,
He was me and I was him.
Of course, I rejected him
Pushing him away as I picked up the boundary of us both...

We will never be together....
Parallel lines will never meet
And that will never change.
Hehehe... This is a weird poem I made. I wonder how many superman movies or tv shows that were made.
Emma Hailey Oct 2018
I left the empty warehouse at night.
Are they following me back?
The ocean was nearer than I  thought...
The water was already on my feet.

I dived into the raging waves.
I was able to do a few paddles, just to escape from that horrible prison...
Are they following me back?
I ran out of air and left unconscious.

I opened my eyes...
An unfamiliar sight of nightmare I wished to never return
He was here.
They were looking for me...

Did you ever love someone?
Because I did...

Because I love being delusional...

— The End —