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Daphisha Khapiah Mar 2019
Is this love or is this lust?
Is he her life or is she lost?
Thinking of him is her biggest fear
What if he’s just another pretender?

Is this right or is it wrong?
Is it really his heart where she belongs?
Beautiful from outside what’s there inside
What if loving him is just a suicide?

Is he what she wants, is he really true?
Is he her angel ? its difficult to construe
Loving him might be another mistake
What if he leaves her in another heartache?

Is he really kind, is he really mine?
Is he really honest or just another swine?
Beautiful words are always his vigor
What if hes just another betrayer?

Is he really charming is he endearing?
Is it his life what she is waiting?
Difficult questions at difficult times
Still there are no answers to her bewildered mind.
Daphisha Khapiah Feb 2019
An insatiable wanderlust I wish to be,
Beyond the horizon I ought to see.
The land, the sea and many places,
To meet and greet those beautiful faces.

I wish to visit the spectacular Angkor Wat in Cambodia,
Or tripping on a bumpy Leh-Ladakh Road ride in India.
To swim among the tropical fishes in the Maldives,
Or sitting at the edge of the Kalaupapa Peninsular Cliffs

I wish to meditate at the peak of the Himalaya,
Or adore the fascinating Great Wall of China.
To romance at the Oia- Santorini in Greece,
Or party at the Belearic Islands till the day ceased.

I wish to watch the sunset illuminates the Pyramid of Giza,
Or a calm sunbathe in the magical islands of Bora Bora.
To get awed by the grandeur beauty of the Amazon,
Or simply a Gandola ride in Venice like a Vagabond.

I wish to sip the finest Bordeaux Wine in France,
Or get drown in the madness of “Tomorrow land”.
To visit the isolated Chile Easter Island,
Or brave the arduous climb to the top of Fuji mountain.

I wish to embark on a panoramic train ride to Machu Picchu,
Or immersed on remnants of the mythical history of Peru.
To witness the Aurora Borealis in Norway,
Or the divine old city of Jerusalem is a must visit someday.

I will travel through the land and the ocean,
Could be a random plan without a direction.
But I will travel far and I will travel near,
And I will keep my feet rolling every where.
Daphisha Khapiah Feb 2019
Bitter-sweet poisonous past
Twinges of agony last
Smeared with perfidious venom
Callous heart it has become.

Bitter-sweet past is a fright
Ravished the soul with delight
Echoes of them all occurred
Rhythm of my pulse disturbed

Sweet-sour love life in progress
Sprinkle salt to the worthless
The harmless little ray of hope
Keep afloat,there maybe scope

Sweet-sour bowl of here and now
Past bygone,peace where art thou
Chosen path,a catastrophe
Loss of faith, loss of sanity

Luscious call of tomorrow
Heads up high, knees to its core
Life’s a *****, the then and now
Hope lives on, survive somehow.

— The End —