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Dania Elmayer Apr 18
Sometimes you need a break .

I am a person who gives time , love , effort
a trait beyond empathy
my heart is made out sensitive .

You can be an ear ,
a furniture for peoples despair
but who listens to you when the night is no longer present .
Some times when you try to win,
Autumn falls ,
the leaves dry out like rain meets the sun .

some hours feel lonely .
The clock fades into the wall ,
meeting the owls , meeting the creatures .
some times ,

you stand on the verge
facing down ,
sunken feet with the mellowness .
comfort in what does not say , hear, breath

Some nights i wait for the wall to open great , great offerings .
Dania Elmayer Mar 16
Tear drops .
My ears partner .
With no ring ,to wipe .

What lays on the surface lays to be .
what moves my grace ,
is that there is no place .

Silence at times is a gift .
There is no resort in this broken paradise
i once knew to be life .

I fade into the bleak shore like a burst of dusk,
losing the hunger to breath.

Abhorring the masterpiece of my beauty and reminding nature , that silence is for the best .

Silence is my disease .

For i have learnt that screaming out is as futile as remaining ,
and i have been to this cave ,once sanctum
learning that some souls find meaning in tragedy .

So what remains of me that hours ?

Silence, and isolation
  Aug 2018 Dania Elmayer
I try to forget your name,
But I keep seeing it in lightning
And I hear it in the rain.
I tried to scream
like thunder,
crying for you to stay,
But the words
fall out my mouth
like leaves,
And the wind
only blows them away.
Dania Elmayer Jul 2018
A dismal dystopia.

A  dissociative place .

Abducted; from normality
suppressed my thoughts , cunning
immorality .

My mind craves for instanity .

An eerie  valley
streams beyond the tide .

In a place were birds do not fly .
I crumble in my desolation
pleading mercy.

I resuscitate , revive.

If this was pre -determined
why does my -fatality- never arise .
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