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Daisy Dec 2020
bundles of linen sheets, moonlit floor's an island
and i'd gladly drown in the darkness with you
i'd stay in the darkness just to go with you, doesn't matter where to.
but you know that i couldn't follow you to the sea

so i guess that's the best i can do here
only whisper to the trees and morning birds and waves
plead with them, beg them to get the message, my words, a few
hope, standing on my knees, that the wind can find you
wrap it's arms around your waist and whisper kindly into your ear,
the words are barely there
but you will know
always. i remember you
though i haven't uttered the words much needed
i am shouting now, oh much too loud
i shriek in hopes you hear a whisper
Daisy Dec 2020
i have someone kiss the skin that groans from you

burning out
but never really running out of flame
the water's the shade of your favourite coat hanging on a chair at night
and i remember you
our miseries, how they cost us all we wanted

sweet music but the tune is off
the strings along my spine are hard to reach
but you always know where to start
and so i hear different gasps every other night
the stranger they are the better it gets
and sometimes rain falls to the beat of their heart like clapping hands
but i - remember you
how we kept out the burdens, careful not to make too much smoke between us
Daisy Dec 2020
tore my soul from flesh and bones
to be alone
she has her people and that's not me
so this was not the place for me to be
i needed to run, this city's hollow
my baby said she cannot leave her  ways to follow
i am alone

sold my all away to infitite midnights
gave my fury, my desire, my tongue
gave the shame,  the fear and lungs
for the road that's hidden from hungry minds
at the end a misshapen lake i will find
near the water's surface i will lie
this body someday will sink deep to find my fire
till then into the water i'll stare as the reflection with blind
and salty eyes will dare
to open it's black hole
to strip the pulsing core
and come undone
they'll hear it's howl
for miles
the empress dies
and all the kingdom rots away
for all was said - remains decay
a stifled heartbeat from underneath this crying earth
becomes a silent new birth
then no one will hear a roar,
blood, heat, salt and violent rainpour
Daisy Mar 2020
i shall stay in you, friend, for not much longer
for one - you're too quick at getting older
your blood gets thicker every day
and among lots of things, it's that thing you do
as a response to somebody's sudden move,
that impulsive twitch in your eye and feeling of needing to defend yourself.
i hate that about you, my dearest and only friend
if only something could change!
Alas, we're both alone.
i am but a flea,
i'll gladly jump into somebody new. anyone, except for me.
nothing feels right anymore.
it's you; it's you for sure
never really alone, you see
i'm always in you, and you have me.
release, the sweetest, please come quick
for my lung twist in need to breathe
and i am stuck in my own throat
forever shoving down my sobs.
You know, my eyes drip water when i look at a tree
Tell me if you know what this happens to mean.
Daisy Feb 2020
weirdly, friend, tonight
feels like
all the stars are for my eyes only
now that i think about it, i might be lonely
Daisy Jan 2020
it's not really my voice in my head
cause i'm still floating where the tide goes
sometimes i fear it will be like that
from the beginning till the end
never thought i'd get scared
by a person i had never actually met
no use hiding in the ground, yeah that i do get,
and you have all the rights to be mad
but think, haven't you ever been afraid?
Daisy Jan 2020
thank you for your time!
this has been irrelevant, useless and not fun,
much too confused and much too lost in its meaning
time to turn off my fairy lights
and paint over the galaxy ceiling
my succulent died, i too had my funerals
four times too many.
don't forget your coat and complimentary flowers.

[end credits]
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