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Chloe Mar 2019
Watching everyone ignore me.
Watching everyone stop

Watching everyone move on.
Watching everyone stop

Watching them all leave
Me in the dust
Nowhere to lead.

Watching them stop
Talking to me
And just walk by
Not noticing not caring.

But when I say I'm fine
That's when they start caring
They don't leave me
They don't let me break.

Leave me the **** alone!!
Chloe Mar 2019
I thought I grew out of this
Thought I changed
Thought I got through all the harsh pain

But really I got worse
My self esteem is

I got worse
My worth has

I am not loved
I am only judged
For who I am
For who I will forever be.
Chloe Mar 2019
I give up
This is all ****** up
This will never get better
Nothing ever gets better.
Chloe Mar 2019
He doesn't respond!!!
He said he's sorry
I am too
But I dont want him
To **** himself

What have I done!
I caused all this
I had to love Gabe.
I had no choice
Nik is jealous
And he's trying to blackmail me.

Nik is hurting after his last
He isn't the same.
And Gabe wasn't the kindest.
Nik is mad
Nik wants to hurt Gabe.
But I love him.

I would
Hurt Gabriel
For a friend's sake.
Even if it hurts me
Makes me panic
Makes me cry
Makes me want to die.

I'm very sorry.
I'm very sorry!!
Don't do anything rash.
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